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Temple of Soyin quests

"Blade Forger", in which you returned a holy artifact to its place of origin. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Blade Forger

Skills: 102 bonus
Items: A smith's hammer (I managed to do this with the hammer in my backpack accidentally so don't think you really need this for this quest, only Weapon Forger) (No hammer needed)
Items: 2 lancre crowns

Go to the locked cottage in Mad Stoat that isn't a playerhouse (no plaque/number) and get in either with the key from a jolly woman living nearby (Say you need the key, say you will help her), or by picking the lock.  Get the ivory handle from the table.
Go to the Shepston house in Bad Ass (via the back door) and get the metal stick from a drawer.
Go to the forge in Bad Ass and "forge" the items to make a blade.

The Blade of Soyin thus forged is a different weapon then the Holy Blade of Soyin which can be acquired from the T-shop. Unfortunately, you cannot forge another Blade of Soyin, if you lose it you can't complete the quest and by finishing the quest the Blade of Soyin is gone.

Take the blade to the temple of Soyin (you probably need a taxi/cabbie to get there), go to the temple gift shop, and buy the amulet of confession.  Wear the amulet, go into confessions room, and place the blade in the alcove.

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