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Sto Plains quests

"Memory Preserver", in which you cured a fisherwoman's ennui. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Memory Preserver

Find Anita Pierce in the beach hut on the road from Ankh-Morpork to Holy Wood. Talk to her about her story, the following worked as of 10/07/2021: 

'say Pegleg', 'say Earring', 'say Friend', 'say Died', 'say Dorian', 'say Family', 'say Fishing', 'say Cure'.

Buy three fish and you should have the quest! 

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Bleak Prospect quests

"Kitty Kibble", in which you recycled the rodents. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Kitty Kibble

Drop a mouse or pigeon corpse in front of a cat.

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"Odd Job", in which you ran the odd errand. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Odd Job

Talk to Alston in the town hall. He will ask for three of the following:
Cabbage bun: get from bakery
Cherry: from grocery store
Newspaper: AM Daily or Green Slab
Parrot: Get it from the Flying Klatchman
Pigeon: Climb up the ladder in the clock tower and search the corner.
Tobacco: from a tobacco shop
Wood: From the path southeast of the town hall

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Death's House quests

"Fish Bone Collector", in which you found a bone to pick. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Fish Bone Collector

You can reach Death's Domain by going northwest from Nowhere until you reach the waterfall. Type gate once you reach the waterfall. Get floss from the cabinet in the bathroom (search), a hairpin from Ysabell's room (search) and a bone from the hallway. Go to the pit, east of the entrance and search to get a worm-like soul. Tie floss to bone, twist the hairpin until you have a hook, attach hook to bone-onna-string, bait rod with soul and fish with the rod in the garden.

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Dinky quests

"Memory Aid", in which you made a reminder for a forgetful bird. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Memory Aid

Search the straw in the Dinky farmhouse barn (e, se, e, e, n, w from carriage stop) to find a board. Go to the farmhouse yard east, north, and east from there, and show the board to Cyril the cockerel.

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"Simple Farm Hand", in which you were a simple farm-hand for the day. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Simple Farm Hand

Take seed sack from the barn and scatter seeds where the chickens and Cyril are. This only works when the chickens are not in the nesting box.

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"Smith's Friend", in which you returned a vital machine part to its owner. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Smith's Friend

In the corn fields there is a dead end, where there's a heap of metal. Search there, and you'll find a strange object. Give this to Ned Simnel in the Dinky smithy. Keep the hammer as you will need it for many other quests.

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"Weapon Forger", in which you created a weapon to a very high standard. (Quest level 5)

Discworld quest page for Weapon Forger

Requires a smith's hammer (Smith's Friend), and at least 123 bonus in
Go to the crossroads and move southeast to enter a pile of rubble. "Search" to find a lump of metal and go to the forge at the farm. "Light forge", then "forge lump into scythe using hammer". Now a lengthy process of sharpening the scythe starts. First "sharpen scythe with grindstone", then get the oilstone from the cupboard and "sharpen scythe with oilstone". Now go to the village forge west of the crossroads, and "search" to find a steel, then "sharpen scythe with steel". Go to the barn and "get sack", then "sharpen scythe with sack". Then go to the village tavern northeast from the crossroads and search to find a piece of material, then "sharpen scythe with material". Go to the farmhouse parlour, "search" to find a blanket and "sharpen scythe with blanket". Now go to the clearing at the west end of the village, and "search bones" to find a satin sheet, then "sharpen scythe with sheet". Go back to the farmhouse, and "search clothes" upstairs to find a handkerchief, then "sharpen scythe with handkerchief". Return to the forge and "sharpen scythe with cobweb". Lastly, go outside during the day and "sharpen scythe with sunlight". You now have an extremely sharp scythe used for the Green Thumbed quest in Djelibeybi.

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Skund Forest quests

Hillshire quests

"Hillshire Tourist", in which you visited scenic Hillshire. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Hillshire Tourist

Go to the campsite on the road northwest from Pekan Ford, and search the ashes. Take the tarnished ring from the circle of stones and go to Hillshire by going northwest then northeast at the junction outside the tourism office. Give the tarnished ring to the bridge troll and he will give you a pass to enter Hillshire.

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"Occult Apprentice", in which you became more knowledgeable in magical control. (Quest level 7)

Discworld quest page for Occult Apprentice

REQUIRED SKILLS/BONUSES NEEDED (Below scores CONFIRMED. Minimum bonus may be less.)
*Magic.methods.physical.evoking (feather) - 79 bonus
* (book) - 121 bonus
*Magic.methods.mental.channeling (spider Ice cube)- 183 bonus (may be up to 20 points lower)
*Magic.spell.misc (spider Ice cube)- between 134 and 138 bonus
*Magic.methods.mental.animating (bottle of alcohol) - 181 bonus 

*Feather - available from corpses of birds. Also available in a pillow south from main quest room.
*Book - available in various shops.
*Spider Ice Cube - available in Krazzander's, Ankh-Morpork.
*Bottle of Alcohol - must be a bottle, not a glass.  Beware that most bars and restaurants don't sell alcohol in bottles.  

The quest is in northwestern Hillshire, in the Wizards house. Go upstairs and then north (if the door is not open, say friend). You then meet a wizard who asks if you'd like to be an apprentice. Say yes. He will tell you to retrieve the above items, in potentially varying order. Read the scroll he tells you to read for each item, then perform the following actions in line with the appropriate item. 

Feather - Drop feather, then lift feather. 
Book - Drop book, then force book to combust. 
Cube - Drop the cube and cast Flizzlofrob's Morphogenic Resonator at cube.
Alcohol - Drop bottle, then induce weather from bottle.

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Pekan Ford quests

Wolf Trail quests

"Dog Pal", in which you were nice to an unusual animal. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Dog Pal

In South Skund there is a house with a big dog outside next to the wolf trail. Kill 5 wolves on the wolf trail to the east and carry/drag their corpses to the big dog and feed them to him. You'll get an amulet which makes some light when worn for a while before being used up.

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Holy Wood quests

"Film Editor", in which you edited the film for "Blown Away". (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Film Editor

You'll need some to do this, about 110+. After entering the studio (see Sneaky Entrant or Matchmaker), go to the Cutting Room, open the closet, and get the overalls, mask, and gloves from the closet.  Wear them to avoid damage in case things go Wrong.
Go to Gaffer Bird's shed and get the script for Blown Away, then to the store room to get the film can.  In the cutting room you need to search twice for a pair of scissors and film.
Edit the film.

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"Funeral Director", in which you helped a lost soul rest in peace. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Funeral Director

Go to the disused hut on the east side of the dunes at the north end of Holywood. Drag or carry the corpse of Deccan Ribobe to the western edge of the dunes, drop it, and bury it where the room description says it looks like a good place to rest.

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"Matchmaker", in which you acted as cupid to a courting couple. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Matchmaker

Gather flowers at the hill summit (south of the dunes) and give them to the Detritus who is standing outside the film studio.

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"Shoplifter", in which you stole from the shop of a little old lady. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Shoplifter

Ask to try something on in Mrs Cosmopilites' shop (syntax try) in Holywood. Stand on the chair in the changing room and climb out of the window.

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"Sneaky Entrant", in which you found a backway in when the guards refused entry. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Sneaky Entrant

Go to the west end of the alley that runs north of the film studio. Twist the boards in the fence to climb through.

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"Substitute Thespian", in which you acted the part in the flicks. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Substitute Thespian

Skills: 105+ bonus required in adventuring.movement.riding.camel, ~25 levels of 
Buy a false moustache, a prop sword and a pair of baggy trousers from Mrs Cosmopilites' shop in Holywood. Wearing your new costume, go to the studio (see Sneaky Entrant or Matchmaker) and find the director who will think that you're Victor.  Play out the scene as follows: 
ride camel
fight trolls
kiss ginger

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Nowhere quests

"Ghost Appeaser", in which you appeased an angry ghost. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Ghost Appeaser

Get the shovel from the stables, go to the cemetery and 'dig in Isabel's grave with shovel'. Isabel's ghost will rise and haunt you. Go to the old house and search at the porch to get a key. Go inside to the kitchen and take the jar, then go to the parlour. Move sheet, move chair, move rug, go down and search. Head back to the cemetery and plant the seed in the jar. Drop the jar, because it will shatter in a few minutes. Take the rose and put it on Isabel's grave.

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Scrogden quests

"Bane Of Farmer Giles", in which you got to the bottom of a bloke's problems. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Bane Of Farmer Giles

Go to the sitting room in the house and get the salt shaker and bottle from the table. Pour salt on the slug in the garden and take the dried slug. Empty/Drink the dressing bottle and put the slug in it. Outside there is a room with a shadoof, "pull down on shadoof", then "fill bottle from shadoof". Go back to the house and into the kitchen, and put the bottle on the stove to make slug soup. Give the bottle to Hughoc.

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"Net Profiteer", in which you made fishy profits using a net. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Net Profiteer

Items: A fishing rod
Items: A shovel (might find one lying around Scrogden)
Take the shovel and rod and find Calvert in Scrogden. Say help to Calvert and he will tell you he needs a rod and worms. Go south along the path until the room description talks about wormy earth, and dig with shovel in ground to get the worms. Go back and give Calvert the rod and then the worms. You will receive a net. Go to Gretchen with the net who will fix it and return it to you. Go back to the room where Calvert was and fish with net.

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Sheepridge quests

Sto Lat quests

"Bird Feeder", in which you kept an eye out for someone's lunch. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Bird Feeder

Find a raven in Sto Lat and give it an eye. It is usually in the Hill Street area, but does wander. It can be killed by other NPC animals and player's pets, so can be tricky to track down.

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"Cabbage Killer", in which you made cole slaw. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Cabbage Killer

Go to the cabbage warehouse off Cabbage Street and Park Lane. When you get far enough into the warehouse (via hidden exits from the furthest room back with a shown west exit), you will encounter evil cabbages (which auto-attack). You need to kill 15 of these and give their corpses to Bartlehome, who is in his office next to warehouse entrance.  The cabbages are very nasty, do not underestimate them.  Their corpses are very heavy--about forty pounds--and do need to be picked up in order to be given to Bartlehome (simply dragging them into the room with him doesn't work).  You can bury the corpse to get the burial xp and then recover it to bring to him.  Your body count does carry over logins (note that you may not be able to find enough evil cabbages in a single trip). The hidden exits do not change and the area is mappable.

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"High And Dry", in which you avoided some brown water rapids. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for High And Dry

When there is steady rain or sleet in Sto Lat (lower levels of rain may not work), go down into the sewers. You can enter via the various manholes in the city- there is one just west of the Royal Market. Find a room with a shelf above the water line. When you hear the flood approaching, 'scramble' onto the ledge. When the flood goes past, you will get the quest.  It can take some time for the flood to happen, perhaps 14-15 minutes, and you'll get messages every few minutes or so about the rain getting heavier, the water level rising, etc.  <-- Note: I got this quest when there was "steady rain" in the room above the entire time.  I was in a room with a manhole exit, so I kept checking, and it never got heavier. --Ilde (talk) 05:33, 22 November 2020 (EST) -->

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"Prissy Punter", in which you punted a pedigree ponce. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Prissy Punter

Skills: A small amount of fighting.unarmed.grappling
Find any poodle in Sto Lat and 'punt' it.

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"Rafter Rat", in which you went over the management's head. (Quest level 5)

Discworld quest page for Rafter Rat

Skills: 181 or less adventuring.acrobatics.balancing bonus, some 

Find a warehouse worker who is carrying a plank.  This is by far the hardest part of the quest - the worker is not necessarily present & alive in Sto Lat at any given time, so you may need to visit dozens of times before you get lucky.

He wanders the residential areas (south and east of the city, mentioned as residential and middle-class in the room descriptions).  He has been seen in the past on Blueberry Lane outside Sandlefon's temple.

In theory he'll complain that he needs the toilet, but can't go because of the plank.  Sometimes he doesn't say anything.  Either way, whether he asks for your help or not, simply say "Yes" and he will give you the plank.

Go to the cabbage warehouse off Cabbage Street and Park Lane. Head into the warehouse until you get to the furthest room back, which has a west exit. Head through the following hidden exits: n,n,e,e,s. Climb up. You'll need some to do so (320+ was needed with a burden of 46 percent). You'll need a bonus of at least 175 in adventuring.acrobatics.balancing (with a very low burden) to move along the rafters without falling. Keep moving along the rafters until you find a gap. Lay the plank across the gap and cross it. Past the gap you will find a secret attic to the south. Entering this room will get you the quest.

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"Superstitious", in which you gave in to silly beliefs. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Superstitious

Go to the statue of Moojipat, southeast of the souvenir shop on Heritage Hill. Rub the statue's right foot and you will be transported to a small chamber. Touch the orb to return to Sto Lat.

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"Welfare Officer", in which you fought world hunger. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Welfare Officer

Go to the hovel off Lover's Lane (northeast of the city, by the cemetery). Give the mother in the hovel some food. You might want to put the item away on the way to the hovel because dogs and cats will try to snatch it from you (Apparently cured foods don't work.)

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