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Razorback quests

"Bull Ring Breeding Expert", in which you helped love pierce the heart and nose. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Bull Ring Breeding Expert

Go to the barn in the northwest area of town, and into the barn.  Upstairs, get a bail of hay, go downstairs and put it in the trough, then get/pull the ring from from the bull's nose.  Go to Heinie's shed west of the pasture and say 'nose ring', and give it to him when he asks where to get one.  Lead him to the milkmaid in the dairy nearby.

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"Cheesy Goat Charmer", in which you lured it and stirred it. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Cheesy Goat Charmer

Skills: Some troll-killing ability
Search Heinie's cot near the pasture on the northwest edge of town, and spray yourself with the aftershave.  Go to the bridge, then go down.  Once the goat gets a whiff and starts following you, go up the path after killing the troll (the troll is not initially hostile).  Lead the goat to the dairy, and search objects twice in the storeroom to get the bucket and cheesecloth, and get the paddle from the churn. Go back to the first room of the dairy, and search the shelves to get the ripener (inside a small waxed paper packet).  Sit on the stool, drop the bucket, and milk the goat into it until she runs dry.  Get the bucket and pour the milk into the barrel (not the butter churn!) and add the ripener from the wax packet.  Stir the barrel with the paddle until curds form, then get the curds and wrap them in the cheesecloth.  Unwrap the cloth to get the cheese.

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