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North Bes Pelargic quests

"Distant Exhibitionist", in which you went the distance of displaying feelings. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Distant Exhibitionist

Items: a banana
First you must have done one of the SENTIMENTALIST quests.  Go to Northern Garden Walk on the Imperial Palace Grounds in the Imperial District and keep an eye out for Tomtom the monkey.  "hug" Tomtom, "feed" the banana to Tomtom, and say he's a handsome boy.  This will give you the "remote" command.

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"Duckling Devourer", in which you ate everything, including the feet and beak. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Duckling Devourer

Skills: some swimming (nothing held, no shoes, low burden)
Enter the Pearl River near Tora Bridge, Middle Bridge, Bridge of Bounteous Wealth, or off Willow Street.  Swim along the river until you encounter ducklings and eat 10 of them.  There may also be ducklings on North Garden Walk in the palace grounds of the Imperial District, in Blue Moon Park in the Hong Fa district, and on a north-south running street west of Blue Moon Park.

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"FBI Agent", in which you discovered the Truth of the situation. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for FBI Agent

Requires: Level 151+, possible age requirement
Go to Pang Ho Street in the Shoo-Li District and "enter gate" in one of the rooms to get into the FBI office.  In the room with Thicker, "say" you'd like to join the FBI.  Once you've joined, say you want an assignment and Thicker will give you a piece of wood.  Still in the room with Thicker, say that the translation is "wombles fly south during monsoons".  You'll get 10 levels of tracking.  There may be an age check on joining the FBI - at 3 days 6 hours old, it failed for one player.

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"Name Retriever", in which you helped a man with the nuances of nomenclature. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Name Retriever

Skills: some spoken Agatean
Find the Nameless Man (scryable as Nameless) wandering Bes Pelargic and say, "help".  He is usually on Wall Street or Wung-Chi Lane in the Shoo-Li District, but has also been spotted wandering Way of the Dragon and Dragon Head Square in the Hong Fa District.  Go to the jetty east of the T-shop on Tuna Lane in the Bad Poo-Ning District and "enter junk".  Ask Bunk if he has a name.  Go to his grandmother's house on Big Street in the Shoo-Li District and ask her about a name.  Go to the in-sewer-ants salesman on Silver Snake Road in the Hong Fa District and ask him if he has a name.  Go to burned down fireworks warehouse on the Chopsticks road in the Imperial District and ask Zip Bang Flash about a name.  Go back to grandmother's house on Big Street in the Shoo-Li District and ask her about a brooch.  Give the brooch to Zip Bang Flash, and he'll give you a box.  Give the box to the Nameless Man.

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