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Highlight to view quest spoilers. This is a list of quests that are relatively "easy" for newbies.

For information about quests, see Quests and Unofficial quest solutions.

None of the following quests require any in game skills, so you should be able to complete all of them no matter what level or guild.

Ankh Morpork Quests

Some of these quests require skill in speaking Morporkian; if you start in the Ramtops or Ankh-Morpork you should have no trouble, but this is a warning for people starting in other regions.

Level 1 Quests

Apprentice Tanner
A big leatherworking needle can be a bit of a pain on the thumb.
Location: A tannery on the western side of the Plaza of Broken Moons
City Explorer
You need to find an entrance to the old parts of Ankh-Morpork, and discover some hidden machinery.
Location: Look around the eastern side of Sator Square
Courteous Visitor
Sometimes the greatest hero is someone who asks nicely.
Location: Hall of Heroes
Future Diviner
A fortune teller has lost one of her cards while on a recent trip.  Perhaps if you find it for her she'll tell your fortune?
Location: Hidden room south on the Unreal Estate
Legend has it that the gates of the guild are never closed to signify that the Guild is never closed.  Others say they are just rusted shut.
Location: Ankh Morpork Assassins Guild (be careful: the gates are at the front of the guild, wandering around the assassins guild can be dangerous)
You need to demonstrate that you can express yourself.
Location: Find Roger in the Patricians Palace.
Comfort in a time of great sadness is a great gift.
Location: Look for the sad man usually found in central Ankh Morpork
Polite Shopper
You need to be polite to enter an exclusive shop.
Location: Park Lane

Level 2 Quests

Distant Exhibitionist
Having met Roger, a holy rabbit can further his advice.
Location: The gardens in the temple of small gods
Green Tongue
Perhaps you could be a princess to someone in need?
Location: Look for the Green Frog
Pizza Sneaker
Try to order a special pizza and leave without paying for it.
Location: Artorollo Alley
Mapmaker Caretaker
There's a very unorgansised map maker in Ankh, perhaps you could help him tidy up a bit?
Location: Ankh Street
Pandora's Playmate
All the misfortunes of Mankind held in a box owned by a little girl?  Nonsense, it's probably just a bit of chocolate!
Location: Fast Lane
Coffee Bean
A twisted literary path awaits the intrepid explorer at a certain Ambassador's residence.
Location: Genuan Embassy
Memento Locator
Find the note in the Fishermen's Guild
Location: Fishermen's Guild (Underdocks)
Sometimes actors can't be elephants.
Location: Dysk Theatre
Quiet Leader
A menace to the Patrician could do with a hand.
Location: Look for the wandering mime and he will follow you
Practical Joker
Ecksians love a practical joke and they love beer, I wonder how you could combine the two.
Location: XXXX Shop
Cat Reliever
To be frank, the cat's pissed on it. Hot damn!
Location: Ironcrusts Bakery
Valued Customer
For a shopkeeper to value you, you'll need to buy things of value from them.
Location: Rendtnor's Jewellery Shop on the Plaza of Broken Moons

Level 3 & 4 Quests

Errand Runner
The Post Office is often in need of people to help - perhaps you could find a job there?
Location:The Post Office on Widdershins Broadway
Actor Advisor
Are you a devil or angel when someone's on the edge?
Location:Dysk Theatre
Expert Balancer
It's probably useful to know precisely how much something weighs before sending a parcel.
Location:The Post office on Widdershins Broadway
Prolific Paster
An exhibit on Dwarf culture needs to advertise by putting up some posters, perhaps you could help them with their task?
Location: Dwarf bread Museum