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Necropolis quests

"Archaeologist", in which you found an elusive treasure. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Archaeologist

This is the second of the three quests in the western-most pyramid. West of Indeh-Anha is a secret room, opened by doing the 'Hieroglyph Expert' quest. Go into the room and 'search sand' until you find a statue and take it to Indeh. You will need to keep doing this until you find the correct statue and then when you get it right he will give you a Cephut's statue you need for the 'Tomb Raider' quest.

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"Hieroglyph Expert", in which you gained a glyph-t of understanding. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Hieroglyph Expert

Skills: ~150 people.culture.djelian
The first of the quests, you will need reasonable  and around 100 bonus in Make sure your speaking Djelian. Go west of Indeh-Anha and look at the hieroglyphs. You will see something written backwards like 'regdab citsym' or 'tabmow yrruc' now you 'chant regdab citsym' or whatever. A door should open and a scarab should land in your inventory that you can wear. Note the north door has a trap on it.

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"Photo Healer", in which you doctored a photograph for a family in need. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Photo Healer

Items: 2000 ptascpi (need to enter twice)
Skills: adventuring.perception ≥ approx 210 (definitely doesn't work with 202, does with 216)

At the exit "passage" north of Djelibeybi search to get the incredibly sharp yet seemingly worthless doohickey used to cut out characters from iconographs.

Enter the passage into the entrance to Coojibubu's Tomb and insert the coins to get a ticket which you give to the hostess.

Then in the foyer search to find the north exit to the control room. Sit in the chair to discover the pink mass beneath the chair. Get it. You'll need to chew the mass so it turns into gum just before sticking the cut outs to the iconograph.

Say you'll help to Rodan, then yes you'll help him. He will tell you a location he wants iconographed with his family members added in and give you a camera (wooden box). If the camera runs out of material you can wait until Rodan regens and steal a new camera from him.

Next you'll need to take a picture of the room (not of the people) with family members in. Then you need to cut the family members in the iconograph with the doohickey, but you need to specify the names in lowercase that you managed to get in the picture (baiden,maude,cayren,rodan) because using the proper caps makes it fail. Continue until you have the 4 family members.

Then you need to leave the tomb and go to the location where you can glance the location description Rodan mentioned. Even though he said "outside of" he means the room itself. If you forgot what location he said go say help to Rodan again.

Once you have the 4 cut outs and the iconograph of the location, chew the pink mass and wait until it turns to a gum. Then quickly stick the cut outs to the iconograph. You can chew it again if it turns back into a mass. You can also get more mass from the chair in the control room if you lose it.

Return to the tomb, insert coins, give ticket to the hostess and give the iconograph to Rodan.

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"Polite Guest", in which you were painfully polite. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Polite Guest

Go north from Djelibeybi and enter the eastern pyramid via the passage. On the table there are a few paper cups with fruit cocktail. Drink at least 4 of them. Beware, you will get the quest when you are poisoned, and you will temporarily lose some stat points (-5 constitution, -2 dexterity), so bring antidote or at least a means of healing yourself.

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"Stout Burglar", in which you endured the rigours of burgling. (Quest level 5)

Discworld quest page for Stout Burglar

Skills: 205+ adventuring.perception bonus
Skills: 170+ covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand bonus
Items: 1000 ptascpi
Go north from Djelibeybi and enter the eastern pyramid (the exit called "passage"). "Insert coins" to get a ticket, and give it to the hostess.

In the passage east of the entrance there is a hidden control room to the north that you must search for. Pull down on the white levers in a certain order (possibly random) until they all stay down, then pull the red lever. If you get it wrong (pulling the red lever before the white ones are all down) you fall into the spike trap that can cost you a lot of HP. Hint: Heal yourself as soon as you can, because you might get injured further when the spike releases you. To leave the trap, go east and up.)

Pulling the red lever with all the levers down will make the stone guardian fall into the spike trap and drop his hammer. Go down in the entrance area and go east. Take the hammer and search the sand to find a sandbag.

Go back up to the sarcophagus that the stone guardian had protected and smash it with the hammer. "Switch sandbag with treasure", and if all goes well you'll get the quest.

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"Tomb Raider", in which you successfully raided a tomb. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Tomb Raider

Skills: high covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand (completed with bonus of 211 (confirmed) and 203 (confirmed by Avenged w/ 14% burden). Failed with 171.
Items: Statue of Cephut from "Archaeologist" quest
After you get the statue of Cephut from Indeh-Ahna and he leaves, re-enter the tomb (2 west from Indeh's location). You have to flick the spiders away from the handle of the doorway to the north (syntax "flick") using daggers, knives, etc. Open the sarcophagus by moving the lid off. There is a strength check for this; 8 is not enough, but 10 is. With this done, you should see a bag of sand atop a weight-sensitive trap inside. You have to "switch" the statue of Cephut with the bag of sand (syntax "switch"). This takes a significant amount of sleight-of-hand. If you fail the sleight-of-hand skillcheck needed, you will fall into a spiky trap which usually hurts around 75% of your total health so make sure you are healed before attempting. To get back to the sarcophagus from the trap go sw, n, w, w, n.

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