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Magpyr Castle quests

"Hatched Out", in which you conquered the evil within to release the flame of goodness into the world. (Quest level 3)

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"Maestro", in which you traded key for key and made beautiful music. (Quest level 5)

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"Scraps Mender", in which you risked life, limb and bad hair to save a beloved pet. (Quest level 4)

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"Superior Sportsman", in which you traveled long and far and vanquished a terrible menace. (Quest level 7)

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Note that the vampires you need to kill to get the quest are as difficult as you'd expect them to be (which is EXTREMELY difficult - bring friends or be very large.

Travel through Uberwald to Magpyr Castle, find your way into the castle dungeons, and kill Count Magpyr. Attempts at skipping part of the route with a portal or passage may lead to you not getting the quest - it's most unsportsmanlike behaviour!

To get to the castle, follow the road east out of Escrow, and follow the signs. The trail will end at a river, with a sign warning that the bridge is out. Make your way across the river, approach the castle from the east, and make your way through to the point where a cliff path leads off to the east.

Now to get into the castle itself, follow the cliff path until you can climb the wall and enter the window. Once inside, search the frame of the painting to find the key of the door to the south. Explore this floor until you get to the garderobe.

Climb into the garderobe and you'll fall into a cesspit. Search the floor for a small key, then move the piles of filth to expose a door to the west. You are now outside the castle again, so will have to climb the walls again.

You now have access to the great hall, so once inside, find your way there and then do the Maestro quest to get access to Igor's room on the ground floor of the castle.

In Igor's room, search the mattress to find the dungeon key. Also search the stuffing to find a keyring for all the keys!

Go west into the dungeon. Continue on into the dungeon until you can see a gem in the carvings on the wall. If you try to get this gem, then Vlad will appear. Kill him and take his key. Go to the next room and do the same with Lacrimosa. Go north twice (if you have the keys you can just unlock the doors otherwise you'll have to pick the locks). In the room with the sarcophagus, open it and kill the count to get the quest.

Note:  you must be alone when you open the sarcophagus and kill the Count - if anyone else is in the same room (including clouds, balls of light, fruitbats, etc), he will disappear and the quest will fail. You'll need to come back and restart it some other time, once it resets. You do not need to repeat every other part of the quest, only the final part.

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