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Mad Wolf quests

"Hunter's Friend", in which you showed a hunter the errors of his ways. (Quest level 5)

Discworld quest page for Hunter's Friend

Skills: 55 or less crafts.hunting.trapping (as of 9/2018 I found it impossible to deactivate the trap with less than 100 bonus - Kemolian (talk))
Items: healing tea
Go to the hidden clearing south from the forest trail in town.  Disarm the trap and go to Sven's cottage on the northeast side of town, and give him the dog.  "Push" through the brush on the main road through the village to get to the hidden eastern path and follow it until you reach a cottage.  "Get" the cobweb, then go into the kitchen and "get" the fungus.  "Soak" the fungus in the tea, then "attach" the cobwebs to the fungus and give the healing salve to Sven.

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"Sheep Saviour", in which you fleeced a baaad robber. (Quest level 6)

Discworld quest page for Sheep Saviour

Skills: 158 crafts.hunting.tracking bonus
Go to Madeline's house and get Florian's shirt from the cupboard.  Don't wear it.  Next, go into the kitchen and try to get the honey.  Now that you're nice and sticky, go to the shed and roll around in the fleece.  Then go to the paddock and wait around for a while.  When the wolf shows up and grabs a sheep, go east, then "investigate" his tracks to follow him another 4 rooms.  Kill the wolf (bring tea), and go down.  Flossie the sheep will follow you when she smells the shirt, so lead her back to the paddock.

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