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Listening Monks quests

"Artistic Renovator", in which you completed the circle with an eye for detail. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Artistic Renovator

Go to the anteroom of the Listening Monk's Temple and 'search papers' to get a tube of sticky glue.  Then go to the shop and 'search boxes' to get a box with four tiles in it. Each tile belongs to a different mosaic within the temple. Walk the main corridor of the temple looking at the mosaics in each room, matching the tiles to the ones with missing bits. The syntax is 'stick tile to mosaic with tube'. In order from the entrance of the temple:
Round and black, resembles pupil - Mosaic of Blind Io
Almost black, 2x4 sides - Mosaic of overgrown temple, 2x4 side tiles
Octarine colour - Mosaic of the rimfall
Sand coloured tile - Mosaic of pyramids of the Necropolis

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"Blade Listener", in which you passed a dangerous trial of perception. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Blade Listener

Items: monk habit, broom (supposedly) or broomstick (confirmed). For further joy, bring a lockpick and know the pick command.

In the down room off the main corridor is a quiet monk guarding a hallway of blades. If you stick around, you might notice other monks showing them a broom and being allowed down the hall without the accompanying screams and blood. Wear your monk habit and "show broom to monk". When you get through the hall to the final room the quest will be awarded. A lockpick will help you reap your reward.

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"Earitating Student", in which you had lessons in a subtle art. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Earitating Student

Go to the novice dorms in the Temple of the Listening Monks and ask Brother Harken about becoming a novice (you'll have to whisper, he doesn't like too much noise). Next, search the beds to find a coral ear horn - if it's not there, there may be one in stock in the temple shop. Once you have it, go into the garden two rooms south and listen to the grass with the horn. After that, go to a small passage on the west side, south from the entrance to the library - where there is a paint bucket. Paint the wall and then listen to the paint with the horn. Next, go to the library and research shillings, sixpences, and thruppences to find out what sounds they make. Remember these noises. Finally, go back to Brother Harken and give him a shilling, a sixpence, and a thruppence. He will flip one of the coins. Depending on those noise, you can whisper to him the coin he flipped, and then guess if it was heads or tails. An example answer would be 'sixpence, heads'. If you get it wrong then he'll send you back to the library to research some more, and when you feel prepared you can come back and try again.

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"Preserver Of Peace", in which you kept the volume down. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Preserver Of Peace

Skills: between 113-130 to succeed
Go to the north most room of the hotel on the east side of Lancre Town to find Brother Turbil. Mention the word 'assist' to him and he will give you a pair of holey overshoes. Go to the south house in Listeners' Valley and 'search basket'. Do this until you find a Zhu Ming Duck-Egg Blue thread or they are too tangled. The thread spawns randomly and may require more than one trip. Once you have this, mend the shoes using a needle. In order to mend, 'hold needle', 'thread needle with blue thread', and 'mend overshoes with needle'. If your skill is not sufficient, you may need to find multiple threads and mend it repeatedly until it is in excellent condition. The ritual mend will NOT work for this quest. Once the shoes are repaired, continue onto the Temple of Listening Monks and on the top step of the entrance you will find a silent or worried novice. Give him the mended overshoes and you will receive the quest.

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