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Lancre Town quests

"Bumpkin Brawler", in which you spilt one pint too many. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Bumpkin Brawler

Go to the pub in Lancre Town, go upstairs and 'swing on chandelier' (Cutting the rope it's hanging on may also work.) This will drop you into the bar and start a fight with a big yokel and a random number of other yokels. Killing the big yokel will result in the quest being complete. Leaving the room to heal or shield is fine and will not change the outcome of the quest. Note that you can't leave the room by the door after they start fighting you, but you can go up the stairs.

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"Demon Squeezer", in which you forced an answer out of a grumpy imp. (Quest level 5)

Discworld quest page for Demon Squeezer

Friends: 3 participants total
Skills: Player A: magic.methods.spiritual.summoning, .abjuring, and .conjuring
Skills: Player B: magic.methods.spiritual.summoning, magic.spells.special, and magic.methods.mental.convoking
Skills: Player C: magic.methods.spiritual.summoning, magic.methods.physical.binding, and .evoking
Items: copper stick (see Rodent Aviation Expert in Mad Stoat)
Items: soap flakes (see Soap Groper in Mad Stoat)
Items: scrubbing brush and washboard (search the copper in the scullary of Granny's house in Bad Ass)
Items: washing soda (scrape the lump off the shelf in Granny's scullary)
Go to Nanny Ogg's wash house in Lancre Town, and do the following in order:
Player A: Light the fire and wave the copper stick.  Say "We conjure and abjure thee by means of this sharp and terrible copper stick".
Player B: After getting a message that you should do something, scatter the flakes, pour the soda, and say "See how we scatter rather old washing soda and some extremely hard soap flakes in thy honour".
Player C: Bang the brush against the washboard, then say "And I invoke and bind thee with the balding scrubbing brush of Art and the washboard of Protection".

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"Expectant Client", in which you performed the usual service. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Expectant Client

Go to the forge in Lancre Town and 'say Nanny needs you to baby-sit for our Pewsey' to Jason Ogg (Simply saying 'nanny pewsey' would suffice.) After he complains, 'say no' and then wait. Once DEATH arrives, 'shoe horse' and then wait until he decides he is done with the biscuits, not that you could move if you wanted to.

Note: It must be YOU that sends Jason Ogg away. If you have a friend do so because of language barriers between you and Jason, the command "shoe horse" will not work, though Death does arrive.

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"Faithful Flitch", in which you convinced the world you were faithful. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Faithful Flitch

Skills: 101 other.culture.lancrasian bonus
While married to only one player, go to the room just south of the market pentangle, with no north exit. 'convince council' will start an interrogation, every question must be answered with a 'no'.

Convincing the council, and answering the questions, requires gp (apparently around 10-20 for each question).  Attempting the quest without enough gp (presumably of the people variety) results in losing all but one hitpoint and becoming slightly drunk.

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"Unicorn Tamer", in which you pacified an elven intruder. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Unicorn Tamer

After having completed the Expectant Client quest, go to Granny's cottage in Bad Ass. Search the rug and it will mention a human hair. Pluck the hair from the rug. Hair in hand, go to the signposted junction between Bad Ass, Mad Stoat, and the customs troll's bridge. The clearing is a few north of here, but you have to walk east around the Lancre Gorge to get there. The minute you get into this room, a very brutal unicorn will attack you be prepared and 'lasso unicorn with noose'. While in this room, 'search pool' to recover a silver horseshoe. Horseshoe in hand, begin to 'lead' the unicorn to the forge in Lancre Town. DO NOT LEAD THE UNICORN SOUTH INTO THE RIVER! You will lose the unicorn and have to wait for it to respawn. Instead, go east from the clearing, taking you to the road and bypassing the river. Once in the forge 'shoe unicorn with silver horseshoe'.

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