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Hillshire quests

Walking inside Hillshire requires a pass (see Hillshire Tourist) or bypassing the troll at the entry of town.

"Hillshire Tourist", in which you visited scenic Hillshire. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Hillshire Tourist

Go to the campsite on the road northwest from Pekan Ford, and search the ashes. Take the tarnished ring from the circle of stones and go to Hillshire by going northwest then northeast at the junction outside the tourism office. Give the tarnished ring to the bridge troll and he will give you a pass to enter Hillshire.

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"Occult Apprentice", in which you became more knowledgeable in magical control. (Quest level 7)

Discworld quest page for Occult Apprentice

REQUIRED SKILLS/BONUSES NEEDED (Below scores CONFIRMED. Minimum bonus may be less.)
*Magic.methods.physical.evoking (feather) - 79 bonus
* (book) - 121 bonus
*Magic.methods.mental.channeling (spider Ice cube)- 183 bonus (may be up to 20 points lower)
*Magic.spell.misc (spider Ice cube)- between 134 and 138 bonus
*Magic.methods.mental.animating (bottle of alcohol) - 181 bonus 

*Feather - available from corpses of birds. Also available in a pillow south from main quest room.
*Book - available in various shops.
*Spider Ice Cube - available in Krazzander's, Ankh-Morpork.
*Bottle of Alcohol - must be a bottle, not a glass.  Beware that most bars and restaurants don't sell alcohol in bottles.  

The quest is in northwestern Hillshire, in the Wizards house. Go upstairs and then north (if the door is not open, say friend). You then meet a wizard who asks if you'd like to be an apprentice. Say yes. He will tell you to retrieve the above items, in potentially varying order. Read the scroll he tells you to read for each item, then perform the following actions in line with the appropriate item. 

Feather - Drop feather, then lift feather. 
Book - Drop book, then force book to combust. 
Cube - Drop the cube and cast Flizzlofrob's Morphogenic Resonator at cube.
Alcohol - Drop bottle, then induce weather from bottle.

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