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Gloomy Forest quests

"Wheeler Dealer", in which you fixed a wheel and secured a deal. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Wheeler Dealer

Skills: 56 crafts.carpentry bonus
Items: 1 crown, or a few dollars
Just outside the west entrance to Gloomy Forest is a broken down cart with a merchant. Get the wheel and take it to either the Thieves' Guild Launder room or the wood repair yard in Lancre Town. Repair the wheel until looking at it no longer mentions broken spokes. Take the wheel back to the west entrance of Gloomy and give the wheel to the merchant. He will then give you 50 crowns.

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Bandit Camp quests

"Barbarian Hero", in which you rescued a damsel in distress. (Quest level 5)

Discworld quest page for Barbarian Hero

Enter the Bandit leaders cave, protect the beatiful female captive and kill all the bandits. Tell her to follow you and take her to the merchants guild on Baker St. in AM (you have to walk).

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"Bird Brain", in which you found a giant eagle's feather. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Bird Brain

You must dress up in a ridiculous looking chicken costume from Fred's Emporium on Endless Street in AM. "Climb cliff" one west from the leader's tent, and keep going "up" When you come to an eagle's nest "pluck feather from eagle" IMMEDIATELY or with an alias accompanying the previous command, "grab pink thingie" of the eagle. If this isn't done quick enough you will land on spikes otherwise you will land on a path.

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"Catchy Rescuer", in which you freed the ensnared from a net threat. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Catchy Rescuer

Two south of the main entrance to the bandit camp there is a hidden exit to the west. Make sure you have a knife/dagger and have a friend go first until (s)he get's caught in a net trap. Cut your friend free with the knife.

If you wait too long in the net, bandits will come and, apparently, autokill you.

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"Cess Pit Swimmer", in which you should have looked before leaping. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Cess Pit Swimmer

Two south of the main entrance to the bandit camp there is an exit to the east. Go one east and search for a trap. Disarm the trap and continue to the end of the path. Climb wall (you need about 25 levels of climbing).

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"Fire Cleaner", in which you learnt to use a simple tool for a simple purpose. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Fire Cleaner

Bring a shovel to the bandit camp and scrape ashes in the campfire.

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"Tree Hugger", in which you went out on a limb to gain entry. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Tree Hugger

Outside the entrance, go west, then northwest and northwest, but NOT north yet or you'll need someone to free you (Catchy Rescuer quest). Disarm the trap. (Note: Trying to disarm the trap can get you caught in the net trap, so have someone on hand to avoid spending too long in the trap and being killed.) Then go north. Climb the tree, then up, then climb along branches. ad.movement.climbing.tree at 231 bonus statted works for the climb (but 206 worked with only one wobble).

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Druid Circle quests

"Honourary Druid", in which you helped upgrade an aging megalithic circle. (Quest level 6)

Discworld quest page for Honourary Druid

Go to the druid area on the southeastern side of the forest.  Watch out for spiders on the way.  "search stones" in the outer circle until you find the entrance to the underground area.  Go down, then east and tell the clerk you want to join the Druids, and he'll give you three of the following tasks:

1) Gathering a secret herb of unusual luminance that you'll find by searching the plants in the south west corner of the outer circle.

2) The watered blood of a slaughtered innocent that takes more effort. Get a bottle and go to the centre of the Druid circle during a full moon. Wait until the sacrifice starts and when you see the blood running down the aqueduct run round to the exit point of the aqueduct in the south west corner of the outer circle and 'fill bottle with water'.  The bottle should end up with "diluted blood" in it, not "red water"--if it's "red water", you tried at the wrong time.

3) Some moss that has to be collected at full moon with a sickle or other sharp object, around the circle. Syntax would be "scrape moss with dagger". 

4) Ash of an unrepentant sinner. This is one I didn't have to do, I can confirm however that ash can be found by searching the fire in the clearing in the north west corner of the circle. 

5) Finally a very nice chunk of diamond. This is a white gem pebble and can be found in the quarry on the east side of the circle. You need to 'mine walls with <item>' or 'mine vein with <item>'. Try a pickaxe. The hard part is that you can only find it if the light level is high enough. The quarry if examined will reveal that this is when the sun is directly overhead.  This requires some skill in crafts.mining.gem--a bonus of 175 is enough, and a bonus of 145 seems to have partial success (some success with some failed attempts). (Note that you only seem to get one opportunity to try it per midday--if you fail, subsequent attempts on the same day will only result in mining normal rocks.)

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"Unwelcome Hero", in which you jumped to conclusions and ruined someone's day. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Unwelcome Hero

Type 'search stones' while you move around the outer circle of the Druid's Circle until you find an entrance. Go to the storage room and open crates with a 'crowbar' (broomsticks work too, as do pickaxes). Search crates for 'wirecutters'.Go to the centre of the druid circle and wait for the ceremony to begin. It's usually damn cold, so you might want to have something warm. 'Syntax Cut' Cut the wires when the little boy is tied. Archdruid will attack you. Fight. Win. Cut the wires again to set the boy free. Quest completed.
Things needed: 1 crowbar or similar

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