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Ephebe quests

"Bringer of Shear Joy", in which you found a lost tool for a worshipper of Tuvelpit. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Bringer of Shear Joy

Find Adelphe on Tuvelpit Road (update,she wanders)and she will ask you to find her shears. She thinks she lost them by the statue of Tuvelpit in Slouching Gardens. Search the statue and you will find the shears. Return them to Adelphe to complete the quest.

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"Bushranger", in which you helped nurse a crocodile back to health. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Bushranger

Items: fishing net, 
       bait (hen, rooster, chicken, or goat),
       harness (optional when buying an animal from Zevgatis, to tie the animal in place at the crocodile pool)

Skills: cr.husb.animals.grooming 
        cr.hunting.trapping (for capturing crocodiles, 169 bonus is sufficient)      

Find Brick Bumblebee a few rooms north of the Temple of Offler. He'll tell you want to do.
Buy a net from the Harbour market. 
You can buy an animal from Zevgatis in the southwest of the Harbour Market, Ephebe. When you buy the animal Zevgatis will ask if you want an harness (it costs extra but you can reuse it on other animals wandering about), say yes, that way you can tie the animal to the spike.
Or you can tame an animal then carry it, or lead it to the temple of Offler, but without a harness it might not stay around.
Tie animal to spike.
When the time comes "capture crocodile with net.
Once you have the crocodile, drag him to Brick. 

Note: Hens and roosters might wander away before the crocodile comes without a harness or without enough skills.
You can reuse the harness (syntax harness) to lead another animal after the first one dies.

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"Clockwork Logician", in which you helped make things run on time. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Clockwork Logician

Skill:  none
Items:  none

Go to the citadel entrance on the west side of the Slouching Gardens.  Enter the citadel and look for the room with the clock and maintenance man.  If you ask to help the man, he will want you to adjust the clock to the correct time.  Making sure a personal timepiece is handy to ensure the current time, adjust the clock as appropriate.  That's all!

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"Coal Bringer", in which you helped keep a smithy stocked with coal. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Coal Bringer

Skills:  spoken Ephebian of at least 60
Items:  coal

Find Gelon in the smithy at the south end of Tuvelpit Road and ask if he needs help.  You'll need to bring him coal.  Gelon will not accept the coal unless you can offer your help.  The amount of coal seems to be based on weight, not number of items. 

You can buy coal from the dwarfish coal merchant who wanders Llamedos Fach in Genua. He sells rocks of coal as large as 10 to 12 pounds in weight, and three or four of these will give you the quest.

You can also gather coal in the terrains - in the mountains northwest of Al Khali, or southwest of AM. "get rock", "put coals in backpack", "bury pebbles&stones&rocks in me" works well. You don't need to be able to recognise coal as coal - that is, it's fine if your coals can be referred to as "coal" but only say "black mineral" when you look at them. To give you some idea, I needed 50 black mineral pebbles and 16 black mineral stones for the quest.

Whatever you do, don't try to get this quest by picking up the free coal from outside the smithy in OC, as you will be going back and forth almost literally forever.

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"Crocodile Doctor", in which you healed some crocodiles of their maladies. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Crocodile Doctor

Items:Fishing net
      Bait (hen,rooster,chicken,goat)
      a knife
      a needle
      vodka (154 bonus is enough for sporadic success in treating crocodiles)

First, complete Bushranger.
Go to Brick Bumblebee a few rooms away from the Temple of Offler. Say "disease". Ask about each disease and he'll tell you how to heal it.
Buy a net, tame an animal and take it to the temple. Tie the animal to the spike, and when the time comes "Capture crocodile with net."
Then look at it. 

If something is wrong with it's scales: Scrape crocodile with knife
If something is wrong with it's teeth: use the needle or something sharp, "pick <object> teeth with <object>"
If you have to use a liquid it's "dab <body part> of crocodile with <liquid> in <container>.
Use beer for the crusty bits on the legs, scumble for the pustules on the abdomen, and vodka for the gooey eyes.  Note that you need a sufficient amount - a shot glass of scumble is insufficient, but a bottle is sufficient.

You have to do this to 4 crocodiles.
You have to wait at least 10 minutes before trying again.

You can drag the crocodile while it is in the net.  Beware!  Do not drag it past Brick Bumblebee or he will take it from you (curing it himself in the same way as for the Bushranger quest, for which you will get no credit).

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"Homarus Hugger", in which you in which you held your breath until the perfect moment. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Homarus Hugger

Skill: 150 minimum

Go to the Seasick Sea Serpent on Dockside Walk in Ephebe.  In the lobby is a lobster tank.  Enter the tank, then wait for the spider lobster to appear.  When it does, snag it.  The syntax is specific - "snag", not 'get' or 'grab' or any other verb, otherwise you will fail (but with a message that might mislead you into thinking you failed a skillcheck).

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"Kebab Connoisseur", in which you beat the odds and actually got what you ordered. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Kebab Connoisseur

Skill:  none
Item:  an appropriate drink

Find the kebab vendor in the Dockside Market.  The vendor may have went to the same culinary school as CMOTD, for he sells a product that looks much better when wearing beer-colored goggles.  Therefore, before buying a kebab, be sure to be nice and drunk.  The equivalent of two beers is sufficient.  Once appropriately soused, order a kebab and eat it.

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"Mina Miner", in which you got lucky. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Mina Miner

Climb the rock outside the entrance to the Citadel. Every once in a while a fountain from below sprays a coin up. You have to "catch" them until you've caught a Mina.

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"Nest Builder", in which you built a cosy nest for a pair of lovebirds. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Nest Builder

Skills: Bonus 153 minimum

Find the tree in the southeast corner of the Harbour Market. Climb it, collect leaves, twigs, and fluff until you have about 20 of each.  (Note that you can only gather these in the spring.)  Construct next with twigs and leaves, then insulate it with the fluff. 

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"Penguin Rescuer", in which you rescued Patina's holy emissary from distress. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Penguin Rescuer

Items: Fish, ports of friends with ports

Find the grumbling penguin who wanders around Ephebe. Feed the fish to it and it will follow you. Bring him to the Hub.

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"Polygraph", in which you turned the tables of logic. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Polygraph

Skills:  At least 60 spoken Ephebian for them to understand you, and ideally 90 so you can perfectly understand them (otherwise you'll have to contend with fragmented translations in addition to the logic puzzle itself).

In Ephebe, go to the Stavro's taverna on Tuvelpit Road.  Inside the tavern are four philosophers - Appiristus, Bulos, Chryphon and Didorus - who are whispering puzzles to each other.  In Ephebian, ask for a "puzzle".  The philosophers will provide the player with a variation upon the "Truth/Lie" logic puzzle, whereupon it must be determined by a single statement from each of three philosophers who is telling the truth and who is lying.  It is possible to "repeat" the statements.  To provide answers, the syntax is to say "<X> is a Liar" or "<X> is a Truth-sayer". NOTE that if someone is a Liar, the meaning of their statement is reversed - because they lie!

There are many puzzle variations as to the proper combination.  There is no penalty to ask for another puzzle immediately after failing.  Upon successful completion of the quest, one can continue to ask for additional puzzles.

If you're desperate, or just don't have enough spoken Ephebian to really understand what they're saying, you can always just spam "say Puzzle.;say Appiristus is a truth-sayer.;say Bulos is a truth-sayer.;say Chryphon is a truth-sayer.;say Didorus is a truth-sayer." at them.  They respond to your says even before they've laid out the full puzzle, and there's a 1 in 16 probability of randomly guessing correctly, so after about eight tries (on average) you'll succeed.

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"Tough Luck", in which you watered your way into good fortune. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Tough Luck


Find the cactus on Dockside Walk. Look at the roots to make sure they are dry then "water roots of cactus with <container>". It's a good idea to make sure you are protected somehow. Cactuses can hurt!

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