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This page shows every quest with summary information in a table.

Quest name in which you ... Level Location Official
Azure checked your mates 3 Discworld link
Bored Of The Ring reunited a dwarf and his precious 2 Ankh-Morpork link
Demon Friend were tricked by hungry demons 5 Ankh-Morpork link
Doppleganger recognised locals from afar 4 Ankh-Morpork link
Errand Runner delivered a long awaited parcel 3 Ankh-Morpork link
Executive Chatter got ripped off by a telepathic imp 3 Ankh-Morpork link
Sign Reader followed the signs in order to return some stolen property. 3 Ankh-Morpork link
Uncobbled shooed some obnoxious shoes 1 Ankh-Morpork link
Weight Watcher realised that sometimes you have to be kind to be cruel 4 Ankh-Morpork link
Wine Connoisseur filled both pouch and bladder 2 Ankh-Morpork link
Coffee Bean went on a caffeine rush 2 Ankh link
Furniture Hauler helped a migrating bird 2 Ankh link
Know-It-All went philosophical and used the noggin 1 Ankh link
Mapmaker Caretaker changed a big mess into a slightly smaller mess 2 Ankh link
Pandora's Playmate tried to please an ungrateful brat 2 Ankh link
Pizza Sneaker managed to sneak out with a pizza you hadn't paid for 2 Ankh link
Polite Shopper used common sense to visit an exclusive place 1 Ankh link
Saboteur's Tool engaged in an act of corporate sabotage 2 Ankh link
Aquatic Discoverer did a good deed that went unnoticed 3 Ankh River link
Memento Locator returned a loved one's gift to its rightful owner 2 Ankh River link
Skippy made them bounce 3 Ankh River link
Stylish Adventurer renovated a useful piece of armour 4 Ankh River link
Actor Advisor talked someone down from the edge 4 Isle of Gods link
Cocktail Shaker stirred up a sensation 3 Isle of Gods link
Connoisseur of the Arts continually patronised the Dysk 4 Isle of Gods link
Crossbow Caretaker bribed and greased your way to success 3 Isle of Gods link
Dressed Up to the Nines were at sixes and sevens with clothes 4 Isle of Gods link
Flexible didn't get impaled 2 Isle of Gods link
Light Technician brought illumination to the nation 3 Isle of Gods link
Pest Controller managed to exterminate some stubborn vermin 3 Isle of Gods link
Prompt used the right words in the right place 1 Isle of Gods link
Quiet Leader tried to rehabitualise a menace to society 2 Isle of Gods link
Soft-Soled made old toes happy 3 Isle of Gods link
Stage Handy propped up the performance 3 Isle of Gods link
Trophy Hunter left a creature out in the cold 3 Isle of Gods link
Bar Brawl Champion defeated the Mended Drum's splatter in not so single combat 2 Morpork link
Apprentice Baker helped a baker keep up with demand 6 Eastern Morpork link
Apprentice Tanner kept an odd man from getting stuck 1 Eastern Morpork link
Auriental Arithmetician figured it out and wrote it down 3 Eastern Morpork link
Belt Buckler made a useful item of apparel 1 Eastern Morpork link
Bethan's Buddy helped out a busy wife 5 Eastern Morpork link
City Explorer discovered ancient machinery under the city 1 Eastern Morpork link
Courageous Courier brought glory to the Ankh-Morpork Postal Service 6 Eastern Morpork link
Courteous Visitor received a reward for asking nicely 1 Eastern Morpork link
Deputy Deliverer saved Ankh-Morpork from a horrible draught 1 Eastern Morpork link
Distant Exhibitionist went the distance of displaying feelings 2 Eastern Morpork link
Dog Gone Emancipator found a shocking way to kill a foul torturer 1 Eastern Morpork link
Down to Earth brought'em up to get'im down 1 Eastern Morpork link
Expert Balancer discovered how to weigh things using powers of three 4 Eastern Morpork link
Explorer Extraordinaire discovered a whole new area 2 Eastern Morpork link
Finder Not Keeper was honest with others' property 3 Eastern Morpork link
Fish Fingered gave a friend a fishy face 3 Eastern Morpork link
Flower Powered gained a botanical boost to social status 2 Eastern Morpork link
Future Diviner received a glimpse of future events 1 Eastern Morpork link
Gatherer of Fluff supplied a considerable quantity of fluffy material 4 Eastern Morpork link
Gemmy's Mate fetched a simple tool for a nice old man 1 Eastern Morpork link
Green Tongue broke a witch's spell 2 Eastern Morpork link
Handyman gave a lady a new outlook 2 Eastern Morpork link
Handyperson disproved a long standing myth 1 Eastern Morpork link
Hearts Tendered journeyed to the heart of sacrifice 4 Eastern Morpork link
Keen Observer saw something overlooked by most 1 Eastern Morpork link
Knowledge Seeker joined a secret brotherhood 1 Eastern Morpork link
Maintainer of the Balance visited justice to the extremes 4 Eastern Morpork link
Natty Dresser paid fair and square for sartorial repairs 4 Eastern Morpork link
Pigeon Fancier fancied some pigeons 2 Eastern Morpork link
Plumber's Mate brought some ancient machinery back to life 4 Eastern Morpork link
Proficient Horticulturalist grew a very special flower for a nameless man 4 Eastern Morpork link
Public Informer found a way to get the message across 2 Eastern Morpork link
Sentimentalist demonstrated a little control over expression 1 Eastern Morpork link
Spring Artificer put a spring in your step 4 Eastern Morpork link
Upbeat Enforcer gave a musician a good beat 2 Eastern Morpork link
Valued Customer were a faithful customer of a jeweller's 2 Eastern Morpork link
Very, Very Lucky had incredible luck and beat the odds 3 Eastern Morpork link
Warming Savior saved someone from an almost certain icy death 2 Eastern Morpork link
Cadaver Corroder burned the life back in 4 Alchemists' Guild link
Corn Popper helped a student ruin his future career 4 Alchemists' Guild link
Midas In Reverse turned gold into gold, more or less 4 Alchemists' Guild link
Slimy Saviour went on a slimy adventure 2 Alchemists' Guild link
True Alchemist went out with a bang 6 Alchemists' Guild link
Accomplice were an accomplice in a burglary 2 Western Morpork link
Apprentice Campanologist made the bells ring out over the city 3 Western Morpork link
Apprentice Journalist defied authority and stepped up for freedom 2 Western Morpork link
Bush Whacker beat around the bush 3 Western Morpork link
Cat Reliever relieved some felines from relieving 2 Western Morpork link
Coin Collector proved yours was the best 3 Western Morpork link
Daddy's Little Helper put an end to an old man's thirst 2 Western Morpork link
Electrick Marstar made a meal of the electrick 6 Western Morpork link
Electrickally Marstered put yourself through pain to brew the perfect cup 7 Western Morpork link
Guide To The Undead helped someone begin anew 2 Western Morpork link
Heart Of Gold comforted someone far from home 2 Western Morpork link
Kinky Shopper purchased some interesting (Know what I mean? Eh?) underwear 1 Western Morpork link
Master Potter helped a craftsman deliver his wares 4 Western Morpork link
Matefinder helped a pair in a gender non-specific way 3 Western Morpork link
Onna Rocks! lose a few stone to stop some trolls moan 4 Western Morpork link
Potter's Friend helped a craftsman continue his work 3 Western Morpork link
Practical Joker doused a souse 2 Western Morpork link
Prolific Paster accomplished a sticky endeavour 4 Western Morpork link
Punching Bag carried around a carcass 1 Western Morpork link
Rock Star raked till you ached 3 Western Morpork link
Short Changed learned the true meaning of 'No pain, no gain' 4 Western Morpork link
Sympathetic brought happiness through compassion 1 Western Morpork link
Top Scorer got kicked around by a bunch of playful trolls, repeatedly 3 Western Morpork link
Walleyed freed a mason 4 Western Morpork link
Axe Dealer returned a dwarf's family heirloom 2 Haunted Mansion link
Competent Banisher sent a most pernicious and annoying fiend back where it belonged 3 Djelibeybi
Crypt Robber broke into an ancient crypt 1 Haunted Mansion link
Master Of Ceremonies performed a mystic ceremony 4 Haunted Mansion link
Radiant Adventurer found a magic pool and received a magic boost 7 Haunted Mansion link
Seasoned Explorer discovered a hidden dungeon 1 Haunted Mansion link
Veteran Explorer discovered new areas in the hidden dungeon 4 Haunted Mansion link
Bunny Saviour returned a toy to an adorable child 2 Southeast Bes Pelargic link
Cultured Agatean learned more about Agatean culture 2 Southeast Bes Pelargic link
Knicker Nicker were undeniably underhanded in acquiring underpants for the underdog 4 Southeast Bes Pelargic link
Road Warrior eliminated a hazard to travellers everywhere 3 Southeast Bes Pelargic link
Tour Guide opposed the forces of misdirection 3 Southeast Bes Pelargic link
Tree Trimmer cut off the deadwood 3 Southeast Bes Pelargic link
Wheel Bound jumped a queue 3 Southeast Bes Pelargic link
Whopper Shopper let the calories carry you away 3 Southeast Bes Pelargic link
Dragon Slayer gazed upon a beast 2 Southwest Bes Pelargic link
Romantic Gazer took a break and made a discovery 2 Southwest Bes Pelargic link
Sentimentalist demonstrated a little control over expression 1 Southwest Bes Pelargic link
Distant Exhibitionist went the distance of displaying feelings 2 North Bes Pelargic link
Duckling Devourer ate everything, including the feet and beak 1 North Bes Pelargic link
FBI Agent discovered the Truth of the situation 3 North Bes Pelargic link
Name Retriever helped a man with the nuances of nomenclature 4 North Bes Pelargic link
Coconut Brain made a simple native's day 2 Brown Islands link
Big Bad Wolf were burned by some cunning porkers 3 Bois link
Farmer's Wife were unsympathetic of a disability 2 Bois link
Glodilocks donned a wig to break and enter 2 Bois link
Heroic Fairy changed a dear old woman's life 3 Bois link
Honorary Little Pig saved some precious bacon 2 Bois link
Lupine Connoisseur gobbled up a sweet girl 2 Bois link
Buxom Winch took the opportunity to participate in a wind up 8 Genua City link
Cipher Solver cracked it until you broke it 6 Genua City link
Ghostbuster were the one they were going to call 7 Genua City link
Private Detective deduced dastardly doings from disparate dubious developments 8 Genua City link
Small Gods Exorcist banished a troublesome god to save a druid from losing his marbles 3 Genua City link
Apprentice Archaeologist found the missing link 3 Klatch link
Pious Traveller restored sight to a Small God's effigy 3 Ephebe link
Arms Dealer made a net contribution to the Djelian military 4 Djelibeybi link
Competent Banisher sent a most pernicious and annoying fiend back where it belonged 3 Djelibeybi link
Crafty Deckhand fixed an unwelcome porthole 4 Djelibeybi link
Crocodile Rocker exterminated a pest 2 Djelibeybi link
Distant Exhibitionist went the distance of displaying feelings 2 Djelibeybi link
Djelian Delicacy found the bait was switched 2 Djelibeybi link
Djelian Warrior Champion demonstrated great skill against a warrior while knee-deep in sand 4 Djelibeybi link
Domestic Appeaser retrieved a stolen sapphire for a hen-pecked merchant 3 Djelibeybi link
Fluffy Nightbringer slipped a flighty creature into darkness 2 Djelibeybi link
Green Thumbed found and revitalised a secret garden 2 Djelibeybi link
Keeper of Suspense helped a man keep his britches up 3 Djelibeybi link
Light Reminiscence restored a Djelian light fitting to its former glory 5 Djelibeybi link
Mother's Helper rescued an important piece of origami for a bedraggled child 1 Djelibeybi link
Peeping Ptom found a back way into a Djelibeybi establishment 3 Djelibeybi link
Public Benefactor filled an empty space 2 Djelibeybi link
Sentimentalist demonstrated a little control over expression 1 Djelibeybi link
Turbaholic tied up loose ends 1 Djelibeybi link
Bringer of Shear Joy found a lost tool for a worshipper of Tuvelpit 2 Ephebe link
Bushranger helped nurse a crocodile back to health 3 Ephebe link
Clockwork Logician helped make things run on time 1 Ephebe link
Coal Bringer helped keep a smithy stocked with coal 2 Ephebe link
Crocodile Doctor healed some crocodiles of their maladies 4 Ephebe link
Homarus Hugger in which you held your breath until the perfect moment 2 Ephebe link

Kebab Connoisseur beat the odds and actually got what you ordered 1 Ephebe link
Mina Miner got lucky 3 Ephebe link
Nest Builder built a cosy nest for a pair of lovebirds 3 Ephebe link
Penguin Rescuer rescued Patina's holy emissary from distress 2 Ephebe link
Polygraph turned the tables of logic 3 Ephebe link
Tough Luck watered your way into good fortune 2 Ephebe link
Bad Spoiler utterly and totally spoiled someone 1 Ephebe Desert link
Life Preserver found a safe haven in a dangerous environment 1 Ephebe Desert link
Archaeologist found an elusive treasure 4 Necropolis link
Hieroglyph Expert gained a glyph-t of understanding 2 Necropolis link
Photo Healer doctored a photograph for a family in need 4 Necropolis link
Polite Guest were painfully polite 1 Necropolis link
Stout Burglar endured the rigours of burgling 5 Necropolis link
Tomb Raider successfully raided a tomb 3 Necropolis link
Entering the Netherworld Netherworld
About the Netherworld Netherworld
Brainbox scored a victory over a good loser 2 Netherworld link
Really, Really Nice became really, really, really well liked 1 Netherworld link
Restorer of Oddities" returned someone odd to someone strange 2 Netherworld link
Riddle Master found the means of escape from a chilling place 3 Netherworld link
Sadistic Coach justified the means, nasty though they were 3 Netherworld link
Tender Hearted gained a friend indeed 2 Netherworld link
Touchingly Thoughtful preserved the right moment for ever and ever 2 Netherworld link
Wielder of Klangs earned the use of a most annoying weapon 6 Netherworld link
Kitty Kibble recycled the rodents 2 Bleak Prospect link
Odd Job ran the odd errand 4 Bleak Prospect link
Fish Bone Collector found a bone to pick 2 Death's House link
Memory Aid made a reminder for a forgetful bird 1 Dinky link
Simple Farm Hand were a simple farm-hand for the day 1 Dinky link
Smith's Friend returned a vital machine part to its owner 2 Dinky link
Weapon Forger created a weapon to a very high standard 5 Dinky link
Hillshire Tourist visited scenic Hillshire 2 Hillshire link
Occult Apprentice became more knowledgeable in magical control 7 Hillshire link
Dog Pal were nice to an unusual animal 4 Wolf Trail link
Film Editor edited the film for "Blown Away" 3 Holy Wood link
Funeral Director helped a lost soul rest in peace 1 Holy Wood link
Matchmaker acted as cupid to a courting couple 1 Holy Wood link
Shoplifter stole from the shop of a little old lady 1 Holy Wood link
Sneaky Entrant found a backway in when the guards refused entry 1 Holy Wood link
Substitute Thespian acted the part in the flicks 4 Holy Wood link
Ghost Appeaser appeased an angry ghost 4 Nowhere link
Bane Of Farmer Giles got to the bottom of a bloke's problems 3 Scrogden link
Net Profiteer made fishy profits using a net 2 Scrogden link
Bird Feeder kept an eye out for someone's lunch 2 Sto Lat link
Cabbage Killer made cole slaw 4 Sto Lat link
High And Dry avoided some brown water rapids 4 Sto Lat link
Prissy Punter punted a pedigree ponce 2 Sto Lat link
Rafter Rat went over the management's head 5 Sto Lat link
Superstitious gave in to silly beliefs 2 Sto Lat link
Welfare Officer fought world hunger 2 Sto Lat link
Curse Lifter in which you lifted a wrathful wizard's curse 4 Travelling Shop link
Pinkfish Worshipper gave credit where credit is due 2 Travelling Shop link
Abuser of Bugs pestered a pest persistently 6 Ramtops link
Stone Donor put two rocks together 4 Ramtops link
Womble's Friend paid respect to an old friend 1 Ramtops link
Wheeler Dealer fixed a wheel and secured a deal 4 Gloomy Forest link
Barbarian Hero rescued a damsel in distress 5 Bandit Camp link
Bird Brain found a giant eagle's feather 4 Bandit Camp link
Catchy Rescuer freed the ensnared from a net threat 3 Bandit Camp link
Cess Pit Swimmer should have looked before leaping 2 Bandit Camp link
Fire Cleaner learnt to use a simple tool for a simple purpose 2 Bandit Camp link
Tree Hugger went out on a limb to gain entry 2 Bandit Camp link
Honourary Druid helped upgrade an aging megalithic circle 6 Druid Circle link
Unwelcome Hero jumped to conclusions and ruined someone's day 3 Druid Circle link
Basketcase delivered the goods 4 Bad Ass link
Knotscape Navigator hacked some trees for later browsing 4 Bad Ass link
Bad Sport found a way to cheat at wholesome games 4 Brass Neck link
Go-Between showed your true colour 5 Brass Neck link
Patron Of The Arts mixed it up a little 5 Brass Neck link
Lover Mine brought tragic news of one lover to another 6 Copperhead Mines link
Matefinder helped a pair in a gender non-specific way 3 Western Morpork
Naval Astronomer helped a star rise to its rightful place 2 Creel Springs link
Bumpkin Brawler spilt one pint too many 2 Lancre Town link
Demon Squeezer forced an answer out of a grumpy imp 5 Lancre Town link
Expectant Client performed the usual service 2 Lancre Town link
Faithful Flitch convinced the world you were faithful 3 Lancre Town link
Unicorn Tamer pacified an elven intruder 4 Lancre Town link
Rodent Aviation Expert bounced a mouse around a house 2 Mad Stoat link
Soap Groper picked up the soap 1 Mad Stoat link
Stylish Thief stole items from the thieves' treasure trove 4 Mad Stoat link
Well Fisher gave a desperate frog much needed release 4 Mad Stoat link
Hunter's Friend showed a hunter the errors of his ways 5 Mad Wolf link
Sheep Saviour fleeced a baaad robber 6 Mad Wolf link
Bull Ring Breeding Expert helped love pierce the heart and nose 2 Razorback link
Cheesy Goat Charmer lured it and stirred it 4 Razorback link
Little Piggy discovered a new definition of posh 1 Slice link
Pig Physician helped create a healing oinkment 4 Slice link
Ray Of Sunshine brought light to a despairing nut 3 Slice link
Hollow Hero solved the mystery of Slippery Hollow 8 Slippery Hollow link
Hollow Recruit joined the fight to save Slippery Hollow 4 Slippery Hollow link
Artistic Renovator completed the circle with an eye for detail 2 Listening Monks link
Blade Listener passed a dangerous trial of perception 1 Listening Monks link
Earitating Student had lessons in a subtle art 4 Listening Monks link
Preserver Of Peace kept the volume down 4 Listening Monks link
Friend of Tourists helped a tourist get ready for his vacation 4 Ohulan-Cutash link
Blade Forger returned a holy artifact to its place of origin 4 Temple of Soyin link
Cocktail Addict enjoyed a variety of beverages 4 Monks of Cool link
Cool Dresser discovered some really Cool things to wear 4 Monks of Cool link
Sentimentalist demonstrated a little control over expression 1 Escrow link
Hatched Out conquered the evil within to release the flame of goodness into the world 3 Magpyr Castle link
Maestro traded key for key and made beautiful music 5 Magpyr Castle link
Scraps Mender risked life, limb and bad hair to save a beloved pet 4 Magpyr Castle link
Superior Sportsman traveled long and far and vanquished a terrible menace 7 Magpyr Castle link
Intoxicating Linguist loosened a Feegle's tongue with strong drink 2 Pictsie Barrows link