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Dinky quests

Dinky is a city in the Sto Plains.

"Memory Aid", in which you made a reminder for a forgetful bird. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Memory Aid

Search the straw in the Dinky farmhouse barn (e, se, e, e, n, w from carriage stop) to find a board. Go to the farmhouse yard east, north, and east from there, and show the board to Cyril the cockerel.

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"Simple Farm Hand", in which you were a simple farm-hand for the day. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Simple Farm Hand

Take seed sack from the barn and scatter seeds where the chickens and Cyril are. This only works when the chickens are not in the nesting box.

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"Smith's Friend", in which you returned a vital machine part to its owner. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Smith's Friend

In the corn fields there is a dead end, where there's a heap of metal. Search there, and you'll find a strange object. Give this to Ned Simnel in the Dinky smithy. Keep the hammer as you will need it for many other quests.

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"Weapon Forger", in which you created a weapon to a very high standard. (Quest level 5)

Discworld quest page for Weapon Forger

Requires a smith's hammer (Smith's Friend), and at least 123 bonus in
Go to the crossroads and move southeast to enter a pile of rubble. "Search" to find a lump of metal and go to the forge at the farm. "Light forge", then "forge lump into scythe using hammer". Now a lengthy process of sharpening the scythe starts. First "sharpen scythe with grindstone", then get the oilstone from the cupboard and "sharpen scythe with oilstone". Now go to the village forge west of the crossroads, and "search" to find a steel, then "sharpen scythe with steel". Go to the barn and "get sack", then "sharpen scythe with sack". Then go to the village tavern northeast from the crossroads and search to find a piece of material, then "sharpen scythe with material". Go to the farmhouse parlour, "search" to find a blanket and "sharpen scythe with blanket". Now go to the clearing at the west end of the village, and "search bones" to find a satin sheet, then "sharpen scythe with sheet". Go back to the farmhouse, and "search clothes" upstairs to find a handkerchief, then "sharpen scythe with handkerchief". Return to the forge and "sharpen scythe with cobweb". Lastly, go outside during the day and "sharpen scythe with sunlight". You now have an extremely sharp scythe used for the Green Thumbed quest in Djelibeybi.

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