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Copperhead quests

Copperhead Mines quests

"Lover Mine", in which you brought tragic news of one lover to another. (Quest level 6)

Discworld quest page for Lover Mine

Skills: Dwarven written
Enter different instances of the abandoned mineshaft until you find a great hall whose corridor is propped up by a fallen beam. Crawl and move to the opposite direction of the door. On the other side is a passcode door, which requires the ability to read Dwarfish to open. You need to "read the wall" to get the passcode. Next, you need to input the passcode on the buttons on the door by pressing the corresponding button with "press <position> button".

The following numbers correspond with the following positions:
0: bottom
1: lower left
2: lower middle
3: lower right
4: middle left
5: middle
6: middle right
7: top left
8: top middle
9: top right

Once you have entered all the numbers, you need to "press the long button". If you have entered the passcode correctly, a door will open. Enter and a cutscene will play. After you regain consciousness, you will get a broken locket.
To exit the room, "pull the smaller levers" to reveal a trapdoor (you may need to add "nosoul" in the front). Climb through it to reach the vertical shaft.
Return to Copperhead and find Knar Ironbeard. "give the broken locket to Knar Ironbeard" to complete the quest.

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