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Brass Neck quests

"Bad Sport", in which you found a way to cheat at wholesome games. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Bad Sport

In autumn, get a chestnut from one of the rooms along the northern road, west along the Brass Neck market. Get a piece of string from the misc stall and 'pierce' the chestnut with a piercing weapon, then 'thread chestnut with string'. This will result in a conker. After this, you must go into the pantry of Annie Spindlewits and get the wine bottle off of the shelf. Scrape the mould on the wall with a dagger and put it in the wine bottle, turning the liquid inside into vinegar. Soak the conker in the bottle and give the resulting hardened conker to the saddened child wandering around the town.

Note that the quest cannot be completed outside of autumn.

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"Go-Between", in which you showed your true colour. (Quest level 5)

Discworld quest page for Go-Between

Items: 25 crowns - You can use 2 sovereigns and 1 crown, tested 18/09/2022
Go to Annie Spindlewits and say 'Granville wants the statue.'  Give her the money and she will give you a statue. Then, statue in hand go to the general store and give the statue to Granville. Granville will give you 50 crowns for it and your alignment will be shifted closer to evil.  Alternatively, you can give Annie the full 50 crowns and your alignment will be shifted closer to good.

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"Patron Of The Arts", in which you mixed it up a little. (Quest level 5)

Discworld quest page for Patron Of The Arts

Items: A hammer (used to PULVERISE the stones, rocks, and pebbles into powder) and 1-3 bottles of linseed oil (can be bought in the stall in town)
Items: Red rocks (north of the inn), yellow stones (on the south path into town), blue pebbles (Annie Spindlewits' garden)
Items: 1-3 eggs (shelf in Annie's pantry)
Items: Water (Annie's well), bottles are available in the scullery basket or bin
Offer to help Virgo Vango in Brass Neck and he will give you a colour of paint which he desires.  Next, create each primary colour of paint in the bowl in Virgo's back room.  Required syntaxes are:
clean bowl
break egg into bowl
mix red powder into bowl
mix oil into bowl
mix water in bottle into bowl
Repeat the above steps for the yellow and blue powder, as needed to create your colour.  Each bottle should have 3 doses of paint which can be mixed into the new shade, using "mix red paint in paint bottle into bowl".  No colour will require more than three doses of each primary colour. The rules for colour mixing are straightforward: red + blue makes purple, red + yellow makes orange, yellow + blue makes green, red + blue + yellow makes brown.  1 dose of each colour is a "pale" shade and 3 doses of each colour is a "dark" shade.  2 doses is just the regular colour.  If the colour desired is a mixed colour (green-brown), then you need brown (red + blue + yellow) plus green (blue + yellow), meaning you need 1 red + 2 blue + 2 yellow.  Greenish-brown would be more brown then green, hence double the brown aspect (2 red + 2 blue + 2 yellow) before adding the green (1 blue + 1 yellow) for a total of (2 red + 3 blue + 3 yellow).  If one part of the colour is "ish", there's less of that colour than the second part of the colour.  If there's no "ish", the two parts are equal.
There's some colours that mix different ratios of all three colours (1 red + 2  blue + 3 yellow, etc), such as gold, copper, bronze, turquoise, violet, and magenta.  For those, look at the most prevalant colour (red for magenta) and use three parts of that.  Then look at the second most prevalant colour (blue for magenta, because magenta is purplish) and use two parts of that.  Use one part of the remaining colour.  When you have created the right colour, 'scoop paint into bottle'. Give the desired shade to Virgo Vango.

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