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Bleak Prospect quests

Careful, there are zombies spawning during the night (they might stay around during the day though) that auto-attack and delayed-pursue players.

"Kitty Kibble", in which you recycled the rodents. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Kitty Kibble

Drop a mouse or pigeon corpse in front of a cat.

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"Odd Job", in which you ran the odd errand. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Odd Job

Talk to Alston in the town hall. He will ask for three of the following:
Cabbage bun: get from bakery
Cherry: from grocery store
Newspaper: AM Daily or Green Slab
Parrot: Get it from the Flying Klatchman
Pigeon: Climb up the ladder in the clock tower and search the corner.
Tobacco: from a tobacco shop

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