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Pumpkin Town by Kefka map style by Airk

When you first start the game you are in Pumpkin Town, the Mud's newbie area.


One of the items you receive is a pumpkin town map.

If you "look map" whilst the "map of pumpkin town" is in your inventory, you will see:

    W R-Q
   /  |  
  A-D-E a t
    | |\|/ 
  K T H G-w
      c z p
@ - Your Location 
A - travel agency (where you leave the newbie area)
B - town square (talker)
C - town square (colour)
D - town square (player information)
E - town square (soul commands)
G - guilds grove (guilds) 
  a (assassins), t (thieves), w (warriors)
  c (witches), z (wizards), p (priests)
H - crafts workshop / hospital (crafts, healing)
J - jail (councils, city laws)
K - introduction park (basic knowledge)
M - street (distant travel)
N - night club (darkness, night, bulletin boards)
P - post office (mail)
Q - garden (quests)
R - street (searching)
S - shops
T - morgue / training room (combat, death)
W - street (getting lost, water)
Y - street (safe exploring, water)

The "your location" marker will be in yellow and replace one of the rooms.

"read map" gives the following text:

The map shows a little village.  The centre is a 2 by 2 room square, surrounded by several useful buildings.  A travel agency, that could lead you out of Pumpkin Town and into the larger Discworld, is west from the southwest corner; a training room, the town's morgue, a hospital and a crafting workshop are south from the square.  Two shops are at the northeast. Some streets branch off the courtyard too.  Guilds Grove, in the southeast, is surrounded by various rooms, where assassins, thieves, warriors, priests, wizards and witches live.  The village's main street runs along the north and west side of the square.  A night club, jail, post office and garden are connected to the street.

and identifies the room you are in.

Kefka has a Pumpkin Town Map on his website.

A Guide To Pumpkin Town

This is a walkthrough to get the basic skills quickly in Pumpkin Town. It might not be the absolute best sequence, and it might miss some non essentials. If you're a real newbie, it contains a list of the essential items, but there are other things to explore in Pumpkin Town that will help give you a feeling for the mud, how it works, and interacting with it.

Starting items

You will start with a lightable torch, a bucket with a champagne bottle in it, a guide, a map, a sash with your name on it and some money. Don't throw everything away yet.

Getting free levels

Leave the hut, head for the southeast corner, where the guild rooms are. You can't choose a guild here, but you can start learning some skills.

Go into the wizard room and talk to the wizard. When you find the scroll as you do the other tasks and walk round (text should be in yellow, in the room description), "capture scroll", return to the wizard and "give scroll to wizard". This gives you some magic skill when completed, and combined with the skills from the witch task, gives a total of 5 levels in magic.

Go to the assassin room. Talk to the assassin. When you find the NPC you need to photo as you do the other tasks and walk round, use the camera (hold box, take picture of <npc> using box) and wait for the picture to be ejected from the box before you leave the room the NPC is in. Give the iconograph to the assassin. You will receive some covert points; combined with those from the thief task you will receive 5 levels in the covert skill.

Next, go to the thief room. The thief NPC will tell you to shoplift something from the shop. Go to the shop north of the guild area and shoplift something, preferably the most expensive weapon for the warrior task (read below). Once you're finished, give the stolen item to the thief, you will gain some covert skills; combined with those from the assassin task you will receive 5 levels in the covert skill.

Next, the witch. Before you do what she asks you can go back to the combat training room, wield the hatpin and attack the dummy for misc combat skills. Completing the witch's task gives you some magic skill, and combined with the skills from the wizard task, gives a total of 5 levels in magic.

Go to the general store. The weapon store is upstairs.

You will need to buy the following items. The general store is usually cheaper than the weapon store, but might not have all the items. Work out which item is most expensive, and shoplift it. Then buy the others as you can. You can sell them back to the general store to buy more when you've finished with them.

First set of weapons you need are a mace, a jagged bone sword, and a wooden spear. The mace or the jagged bone sword is probably the one to shoplift.

Now go back to the guild rooms. Visit the warrior room. Do the warcry, pierce, behead and crush attacks. You receive 5 levels of fighting.

Next stop is the combat training room. Equip in turn the jagged bone sword, mace and spear to get another few levels in each of the weapon skills of heavy-sword, mace, and polearm. Keep going until you have 8 levels in each of the skills concerned, you should also get some dodge and parry skills while you do this (keep your response neutral). You can set how you want to respond, be it dodge, parry, block or neutral which is all of the above by typing tactics response neutral or some other kind of response (note however that block needs a shield to be triggered). You can type syntax tactics and type tactics to learn more.

Now take the stolen weapon back to the thief room. Give it to the thief NPC and you will get some covert skills.

Back to the general store, sell the other weapons. You now need to work through flail, misc, dagger, axe and sword weapons, and blocking defence. You can also want to work on striking by attacking the pumpkin without any weapon equipped. Try to use the weapon you're most likely going to use in the game first, since you can't keep attacking the pumpkin (you'll eventually get a message that says, "You have fought the pumpkin for ages now! It's better to just move on - you can learn combat outside of Pumpkin Town too.") You may not be able to afford or carry all the weapons at once (You can only carry 10 items). If not, buy a couple at a time, use them, and sell them back in the general store. If you want to make an offering to Sek for the priest task, hang onto the dagger.

You can do one of seven things to get 5 faith levels (you only need to do one of these, and doing one doesn't change your alignment or commit you to a deity).

  1. While you have the dagger, hold it, go down to the room below the pumpkin, "get heart from corpse". You can also go to the corpse in the northwest part of town (where there's the ghost). Next, go to the guild rooms, and enter the priest room, and "offer heart to Sek".
  2. Go to the general store and "search thread". Offer the thread to Fish.
  3. You can search one of the tree (outside the quest room) to find a piece of cardboard or if you still have the cardboard box from the assassin task, offer it to Sandelfon.
  4. Go to the fountain (E on the map) and "fill bucket from fountain" (the bucket you received when you first entered Pumpkin Town). Offer the water to Pishe.
  5. Buy (do not shoplift) a shirt from the general store, and offer it to Gapp.
  6. Offer "something unexpected" to Hat. (It seems everything works. Offer the guide or anything you do not need.)
  7. Go to the general store and "search fluff", or search either the room outside the store or just south of that (C and E on the map). In the priest room, "offer fluff/earmuffs to Gufnork".


While you're here, you can adjust your alignment by saving or drowning beetles. This is a good idea if you intend to worship a deity. The limit from neutral is between about 15 and 20 beetles in either direction, and you'll get a message when you've gotten as good (or evil) as you can get. There seems to be a slight random element to it. You can check your alignment with "score align".

The beetles allow you to set your initial align within the range of very good to very evil.

  • Pishe, rescue beetles until you get a message that you're as nice as you can get (very good)
  • Gufnork, rescue two or three beetles (good)
  • Gapp, rescue one or two beetles (barely good)
  • Sandelfon, leave the beetles alone (neutral)
  • Fish, drown one or two beetles (barely evil)
  • Hat, drown two or three beetles (evil)
  • Sek, drown beetles until you get a message that you're as nasty as you can get (very evil)

If you rescue or drown too many beetles, you can reverse the effect by doing the opposite action, so if you find that you got to "very good" and want to worship Gapp, you can drown a few beetles to get back to "barely good".

What's next

You can leave Pumpkin Town and select a starting location from the Travel Agency, just type help here when you are there.

To leave Pumpkin Town you will need to select a starting location that will determine not only where you start in the game, but also your nationality, your starting language and your accent.

See starting location for more information.