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Command information
GP Cost 20
Learnt At 10 covert.items.traps & 60
Skills Used Covert.items.traps &
Items Needed N/A
Guild Available to all

Probe is a covert command that is used to determine how easy it is to pick a lock or crack a safe, it will also determine if there are any traps within the lock or safe. Some traps require a successful probe before an attempt can be made to disable the trap, while with others a successful probe will give a bonus to the skill check when disabling.

There has been an update which means that you will gain a bigger advantage than before when you pick a lock or disable a trap if you probe it successfully first.


If successful, in addition to giving information as described below, probe makes subsequent picking the lock and disabling any traps in it easier.

Everything about picking locks should also apply for cracking safes. To simplify the text below, when it refers to picking locks it also applies to cracking safes unless otherwise noted.

The output given by probe is in two parts. The first part relates to the difficulty of picking the lock, while the second part deals with any traps that the lock may have.

The first part appears to give an indication of how difficult the lock would be for the person probing, rather than how difficult the lock is on an objective, fixed scale.

The possible results (in order of most difficult to least difficult) are:

  • Impossible
  • Extremely hard
  • Very hard
  • Quite hard
  • Hard
  • Somewhat hard
  • Somewhat easy
  • Easy
  • Quite easy
  • Very easy
  • Extremely easy

As for the trap aspect, failure to determine whether the lock is trapped will result in either, "You think you can see a trap in the <object>, but you're not sure," or, "You cannot see any traps in the <object>, but you're not sure."

If the object is not trapped, the message is, "You cannot see any traps in Pandora's box."

If the object is trapped, the relevant part of the message looks like this:

The trap will be triggered when the trophy cabinet is picked.  A device in the lock of the cabinet looks like it controls a small blade, which would shoot out if it is picked carelessly.  It looks as though the trap will be quite easy to examine and quite easy to disable.

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