Pot of bubble mixture

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A pot of bubble mixture is a toy you can use to blow bubbles.

This is a pot of bubble mixture.  It contains a slightly soapy substance.  There is a wire loop stuck to the side.  Pulling the loop would probably make it come off.

You can "pull loop" to get a wire loop from it:

>pull loop
You pull the loop off the pot of bubble mixture.
>l loop
A loop of wire. It seems to have a soapy substance dried onto it.

There doesn't seem to be a way to put the loop back.

Blowing bubbles

Once you've detached the loop, you can "blow bubbles" or "blow bubble". They give different messages:

>blow bubbles
You dip the loop into the bubble mixture, raise the loop to your lips and blow hard.  A stream of small bubbles flows from the loop and floats into the air before you.  Most of them drift up to the ceiling and burst there, but the last remaining one alights on your nose and bursts with a slight pop.
>blow bubble
You dip the loop into the bubble mixture, then, placing the loop near your lips, you blow gently.  A large bubble begins to form.  Just as you begin to wonder if it can get much bigger, the bubble detaches from the loop and floats up into the air, eventually bursting against the ceiling.

The soapy mixture doesn't seem to run out, regardless of how many times you blow bubbles from it.