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Ankh-Morpork Post Office by Quow

A post office is a place where you can send mail to other players. If they're online at the time, they'll get a message telling them they have mail. If not, they'll be told when they log on.

In some post offices, you can also deposit items for other players for a small fee. You can choose to let them know who deposited it or remain anonymous. They'll be sent an automatic message from the parcel clerk telling them they have a parcel, and that they have two weeks to pick it up.


For more detail about specific locations, see the mail article.

Note that the Agatean family estate mail rooms can only be used by family members.

City/Town Room name Location Special services
AM Ankh-Morpork Post Office Widdershins Broadway and God Street parcel deposit (&&&&&&&&&&&&+400 $1), balance (free)
AM Posh post office The Soake, near Hide Park none
AM Small post office Brookless Lane, a little southeast of Jonas's vault none
AM Magistrate post office Council building on Speedwell Street Can only be used by AM Magistrates
Bad Ass Bad Ass General Traders in general store none
BP small Post Office branch Sum Bing street market near Market Street and the Snail none
BP Bes Pelargic post office Silly Moon Alley (hidden in a rock), near Blue Moon Park parcel deposit (&&&&&&&&&&&&+160 40s)
BP writing room of Lord Fang Fang estate, upstairs near finance room only Fang
BP writing room of the Hongs Hong estate, near entrance only Hong
BP attic McSweeney estate, upstairs in attic only McSweeney
BP reception area Sung estate, north of main entrance only Sung
BP dusty reception room Tang estate, east of entrance only Tang
Bois Bois Village Inn in Bois Village Inn Eaterie, Frog board, chessboard, custom cloaks
Brass Neck post room in Cutangle Inn Eaterie
DJB Djelibeybi Post Office on Phoenix Road, northeast of the bazaar parcel deposit (&&&&&&&&&&&&+200 DjToon 1.00), postcards/deposit (&&&&&&&&&&&&+200 DjToon 1.00), balance (&&&&&&&&&&&&&+20 DjToon 0.10)
Escrow Gifte Shoppe Northwest corner of town square postcards
Ephebe high altar of Fedecks Fedecks' Temple, Petulia Avenue at the Poleis Gate parcel deposit in the entrance to the temple of Fedecks
Genua elegant interior Genua Avenue across from Klatchian embassy parcel deposit (&&&&&&&&&&&&+300 1,00Gl)
Hillshire Post office at the end of the road none
Il Drim Il Drim general store on the eastern side of Il Drim none
Lancre Town Lancre general store in general store on southwestern end of Lancre Town square none
Nowhere Never Mail Service northeast of crossroads none
Ohulan Cutash Ohulan-Cutash Post Office northwest corner of market square parcel deposit (&&&&&&&&&&&&+144 Ls 1|-)
Sheepridge post office southwest corner of village none
Slippery Hollow Slippery Hollow Post Office west of commercial side street parcel deposit
Sto Lat Sto Lat main Post Office at the beginning of Queen's Road near eastern gate parcel deposit

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