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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains spoilers about poisons. See the poison creation page for detailed information and links to the other poison creation pages.
Smoke bomb
Poison information
Effect Minor damage, reduced visibility
Other names
smoke bomb
clay ... guano ... Black Benedict's Batsup ... loose sugar ... sulphur powder ... candle wick
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After being lit and hurled (or thrown at someone) it explodes causing minor damage and it fills the room with a billowing cloud of smoke that lowers the perception of everybody in the room (including the thrower), making it harder to spot people doing covert things like hiding, backstabbing, ambushing and inhuming and preventing the use of the watch command.

  • The smoke causes anyone entering the room to suffer the same effects while it remains, which is longer when the poison maker has more skill.
  • Discworld object help: gasbomb (includes the information on smoke bomb)
  • Similar to gas bomb

Skills Required for crafting the hollow ball

At 20/127 (skill/bonus) cra.pot.form.throw the throwing rarely fails.

At 55/210 cra.pot.form.shape the shaping rarely fails.

At 40/191 cra.pot.glaze the glazing does not fail.

At 35/173 cra.pot.fir the firing does not fail.


* create a hollow ball in a pottery room (hollow ball)
* put the guano and Black Benedict's Batsup in the Nitrolator in the Alchemist's guild and light the fuse on the nitrolator (nitrate powder)
* add (loose) sugar to nitrate powder (powdery white substance) - this mixes in your inventory
* add yellow powder (sulphur) to powdery white substance (powdery grey substance)
* heat powdery grey substance (thick grey liquid)
* (if you want to create a gas bomb then add a poison to the thick grey liquid at this time)
* fill the hollow ball with the thick grey liquid
* insert a fuse in the hollow ball leaving <number> inches out
* seal ball (smoke bomb)