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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains spoilers about poisons. See the poison creation page for detailed information and links to the other poison creation pages.

This page lists texts that are pertinent for Poison creation.

The Cordat

From the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins aka Conlegium Sicariorum.

Number Length (fingers) Weight (clams) Throwing Distance(yards)
Five 4.0 5.0 75
Six 4.5 5.5 60
Seven 5.0 6.0 50
Eight 6.0 8.0 45
Nine 7.0 10.0 40
Ten 7.5 14.0 35
Eleven 9.0 20.0 30
Twelve 10.0 20.5 27

Book of Beasts

Drydon's Herbal

Plants of Genua

The Little Book Of Solvents

Plants from the Counterweight Continent

A damaged journal

This is sometimes referred to as the ninja poison diary.

Poems from a Poison Pen

Venomous Verses