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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains spoilers about poisons.

Players can make some poisons, smoke bombs and combining the two gas bombs.

Warning: Some people consider created poisons to be secret and similar to quests in that knowing everything about it can ruin one's fun of discovering it by yourself. It can be frowned upon to publicly ask or discuss the specifics of poison making or other aspects of created poisons. Finally, some guilds of assassins have rules against selling or giving poisons made in their poison labs.

Sensitive information about poisons are hidden until you highlight it or edit the page. The pages about poison making have been moved to the Poison namespace to hide them from default search parameters and direct links.

Please note that making poisons is dangerous and can lead to dying.


There are poison labs in the different Assassin Guilds with several tools used to make poisons.

Method Action Used on Tool
Pulverise Crush into powder. Minerals Hammer
Grind Crush into tiny (ground) bits. Mostly herbs Grinder, mortar and pestle
Press Squish to extract a liquid. Poison sac or gland Press, statue
Heat Macerate in high temperature to facilitate a chemical reaction. Liquids Firebox, iron pot, dome
Steep Soak to transfer the essence. Ground solid and liquid solvent (acid) Flasks, vase, saucepan, bucket
Distill Evaporate and then condense only some parts of the original liquid. Liquid Still, retort, hookah

To mix solid ingredients they can be put in the same liquid container (those can be referred to as vessels), unless steeping or heating is required.

To mix liquids you need to transfer the first liquid from its vessel to the vessel that is holding the second liquid.

  • Pipettes are useful to transfer small exact quantities. There is a covert.items.poisons skill check to prevent poisoning yourself.

The following useful items can be purchased or found in or near poison labs:

  • <teat/tiny/small/medium/large> pipette
  • small <colour> glass vial
  • large <colour> bottle

Location of poison labs:

Region City Location Guild
Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Filigree Street Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins
Sto Plains Ohulan Cutash Assassin Alley Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins
Counterweight Continent Bes Pelargic Silk Lane Ninja
Klatch Djelibeybi Cliffs west of the city Hashishim
Vieux River Genua Dauphin Street Mano Rossa


To recognize the herbs used for poison and gather them uses crafts.husbandry.plant.herbal and crafts.hunting.foraging. The skill adventuring.perception is also used for some components.

The skill covert.items.poisons is used during the making process to determine the potency of the produced poisons. The effectiveness and the duration of the poison is based on this skill at the time of making the poison.


Assassin poisons are used is some inhume methods.

Created poisons can be delivered through ingestion (which is often fatal) or delivered by putting drops of poison in a poisoned dart, crossbow arrow, tlinga or throwing spike and hitting the victim with it.

Some weapons that can hold created poisons:

You can also add poison mixture into a Smoke bomb to turn it into a gas bomb

Art and culture can also be poisonous.

Known poisons and bombs

The following table provides information on the various poisons and bombs.

Poison Nicknames Effect Substance appearance Ingredients Fits in gas bomb?
Bloat poison
Blowfish poison
Damage and body swells in size
oily brown liquid
blowfish poison sac
Command removal poison
Commandforget poison
Temporarily forget some commands
vivid chartreuse liquid
Con poison
Hemlock-Snake poison
Reduces constitution
oily colourless liquid
hemlock ... snake poison sac ... water
Gp poison
Gp-loss poison / Gp-draining poison
Gp loss over time
shimmering orange liquid
belladonna ... hemlock ... water
Hallucination poison
Visions poison
brilliant blue liquid
toad skin ... Angel's trumpet ... water
Hp poison
Achorion purple poison
Large damage and possible death
sparkling purple syrup
achorion mould ... vodka
Misdirection poison
Confusion poison
Moves in the wrong directions
beige liquid
skullcap ... ?
Rage poison
Anger poison
Anger, self damage
pink creamy liquid
Tyler Weed ... wolf heart ... lion duct ... water ... orange tablet
Spell removal poison
Spellforget poison
Temporarily forget some spells
shimmering blue liquid
Venom poison
Spider poison / Stat poison
Reduces constitution by 5 and dexterity by 2 and deals small amounts of damage over time
dark red liquid
poison gland from a giant spider or a poison sac from a scorpion
Weedkiller poison
Weed killer poison
weakens vines
deep lime green liquid
?geranium? ... ?solvent?
Smoke bomb
Minor damage, reduced visibility
smoke bomb
clay ... bat guano ... Black Benedict's Batsup ... loose sugar ... sulphur powder ... candle wick
Gas bomb
Minor damage, reduced visibility, poison effect
gas bomb
clay ... bat guano ... Black Benedict's Batsup ... loose sugar ... sulphur powder ... candle wick ... poison
Poison Nicknames Effect Substance appearance Ingredients Fits in gas bomb?

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