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The house owner's guide is a small brown book sold in the bookshop on Diamond Place, Bes Pelargic, to inform house owners in dealing with player housing.

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Contents and Introduction

Congratulations on your new home!
    This guide will explain many of the features of your new home and how 
    to decorate, furnish and secure it.                                   


    In each room the walls, floor and ceiling may be decorated.  The most 
    basic way of decorating your home is to paint it.  To do this you will
    need to buy  a brush and paint.  You will then be able to paint       
    surfaces in your home  with 'paint <surface> with <paint>'.           
    In some areas a wider range of coverings are available, including     
    carpets and wall paper.                                               


    You can buy furniture at a furniture shop and then place it around    
    your home. All furniture placed in your home will be saved with the   
    room and so will still be there when you return.                      
    Since furniture is hard to carry you'll probably have to 'drag' it.   
    In  future there will be delivery and perhaps a hand-cart  available  
    to make this easier.                                                  
Placing furniture
    You may "place" furniture in the rooms of your  home.  The syntax for 
    "place" is:                                                           
      place <furniture> so that it is <verb> <preposition> the <location>      
      place <furniture> so that it is <preposition> the <location>             
    'Furniture' is the piece of furniture you are attempting to  place.   
    'Verb' is an optional argument that allows you to  place things       
    "sitting", "standing", "squatting", etc. if  appropriate to the piece 
    of furniture that you are trying  to place.  'Preposition' allows you 
    to specify if a piece of  furniture is "against" or "beside" a wall,  
    "in" a corner,  etc.  'Location' can be either a location in the room 
    (e.g.  "north wall", "southwest corner", "centre of the room",  etc)  
    or a piece of furniture (e.g. "table 2").                             
    You can also use "place help" or "place help <furniture" to get       
    information about exactly where you can place furniture, or a specific
    piece of furniture.                                                   
    Only one piece of furniture can be placed in a location,  although    
    other pieces of furniture can be placed "at",  or "near" it.          
    When hanging objects, the 'verb' must be specified.                   
    You cannot place pieces of furniture on top of each other,  but you   
    can "put" objects on top of certain pieces of  furniture.  What is on 
    the piece of furniture will be  displayed in the long description of  
    the room only if is a  single object or a group of the same objects.  
    This will  only be displayed if the furniture is placed in a location,
    not "at" or "near" another piece of furniture.  This is  to avoid room
    descriptions becoming too long.                                       

      place table so that it is against the north wall                         
      place chair 2 so that it is sitting at the table                         
      place chandelier so that it is hanging from the centre of the room       

Securing your home

    At the locksmiths you may purchase locks for the doors in your  home. 
    The locks come as a package of a lock and a key.  Take the lock  out  
    of the package and then use the command 'change lock in <exit> for    
    <lock name>'. You may then lock and unlock the door with the key      
    You may also buy locks for furniture.  The syntax for putting these   
    locks in place is the same as for doors.                              
    Note that the more expensive locks are generally harder to pick.      
    For additional security you may purchase traps for the locks in your  
    home.  A trap can be added to a lock using 'rig <item> with <trap     
    name>'.  Be careful though, rigging a trap is a difficult task and,   
    if done by the inexpert, can result in injury or even death.  You may 
    wish to get someone with a good knowledge of traps to do this for you.
    All of the traps currently on sale are only triggered when the lock is
    picked (or the safe is cracked) so you don't have to worry about it   
    going off when you open the lock with your key.  In the future a wider
    variety of traps will be available, some of which may be triggered by 
    opening the item.                                                     


    Theft from player housing is only possible whilst the property is     
    under the control of either the housing agency or the local real      
    estate office.                                                        


    As mentioned previously, your home is not just a huge vault.  It will 
    not save items that are dropped on the floor.  Any furniture that is  
    left in the house will save, as will any items left in, or on, that   
    furniture, but a dagger left on the floor will not.                   
    In addition, while every attempt has been made to make sure homes do  
    not lose their inventory, due to their size, complexity and storage   
    capacity they are not as reliable as vaults so please treat them      


    If you are renting your home the rent will automatically be removed   
    from  your bank account.  By default it will use Bing's bank but you  
    can change this using the rental agreement.                           
    When you first take up residence in your new home you pay an initial  
    deposit.  Rent will be charged starting with the first rental period  
    which may be any time from almost immediately up to 1 Discworld month.
Eviction (IMPORTANT)
    It is imperative that you maintain enough funds in your chosen bank   
    account to cover your rental.  If the system determines that you have 
    less than 3 months rental in your account it will send you a warning. 
    However, if there is not enough for the current month you will be     
    immediately evicted without warning!                                  
Terminating Your Rental
    You can terminate your rental at any time using the 'terminate'       
    command in the rental agreement.  When you do this you will nolonger  
    be able to control your home and removing furniture will count as     
    theft so make sure you have taken anything you value before you do    


    If you do not pay the rent on your home, or you are absent from the   
    mud for half of one Discworld year (approximately 2 real life months) 
    you will be evicted, or in the case of ownership, your home will      
    revert to ownership by the local authorities.                         
    Eviction will cause all items in the home to be sold along with the   
    home when it is re-sold or re-rented.  If you can gain access to your 
    home before that time you may reclaim anything you can carry away.  If
    you wish to reclaim items after the house has been re-sold or         
    re-rented you will need to make arrangements with the new             

Sharing your house

    You can set your house up so that other people can use all the        
    facilities of it using the 'allow' command.  This allows the people   
    who have been allowed to make any changes they like to the house, this
    does not include adding new people to the allowed array though.  Only 
    the owner may change the list of people allowed to modify the house.  
    The 'deny' command removes someone from the list of people allowed to 
    use the room.                                                         

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