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There are four player councils on the Discworld. Each covers a specific area of the Discworld and comprises a set number of elected magistrates who are appointed by citizens of the area covered by that council. Each council acts as both a legislative body creating rules which govern citizens and visitors within their jurisdiction as well as a court system which allows magistrates to punish those who break the rules.

Council Areas

There are currently four different player councils, one for each of the following areas:

The Ankh-Morpork council currently has seven magistrates, there are five in Djelibeybi and none at all in Sto Lat or the Agatean Empire. Presumably at some point the Sto Lat and Agatean Empire councils will be able to begin electing magistrates of their own. The Morporkian and Djelian councils were created in the year 2000 and the Sto-Lat (unused) and Agatean councils in 2002.

Council Rules & Documents

Each of these councils has a set of rules. There are two types of rule; Immutable and general. The immutable rules are written by the creators and are used to govern the way the council operates. If there is a clash between an immutable rule and a general rule then the immutable rule takes precedence. The general rules are enacted by a vote of the magistrates and then ratified by a full vote of all citizens.

Magistrates may also publish Documents which can be viewed by the general populace. These do not require a vote to create and can be used for creating policies and for publishing clarifications for rules, or for anything else deemed useful by magistrates.

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