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There are four player councils on the Discworld. Each covers a specific area of the Discworld and comprises a set number of elected magistrates who are appointed by citizens of the area covered by that council. Each council acts as both a legislative body creating rules which govern citizens and visitors within their jurisdiction as well as a court system which allows magistrates to punish those who break the rules.

Council Areas

There are several different player councils, one for each of the following areas:

The Ankh-Morpork council currently has seven magistrates, there are five in Djelibeybi and none in Ephebe, Sto Lat or the Agatean Empire.

Possibly at some point the Ephebe, Sto Lat and/or Agatean Empire councils could elect magistrates of their own.

The Morporkian and Djelian councils were created in the year 2000, the Sto-Lat (unused) and Agatean councils in 2002 and the Ephebe accepted citizenship in 2019.

Council Rules & Documents

Each of these councils has a set of rules. There are two types of rule; Immutable and general. The immutable rules are written by the creators and are used to govern the way the council operates. If there is a clash between an immutable rule and a general rule then the immutable rule takes precedence. The general rules are enacted by a vote of the magistrates and then ratified by a full vote of all citizens.

Magistrates may also publish Documents which can be viewed by the general populace. These do not require a vote to create and can be used for creating policies and for publishing clarifications for rules, or for anything else deemed useful by magistrates.

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