Pishe Waterpark

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The Pishe Waterpark is the largest temple of Pishe on the Disc.


It is located in the Apothecary Gardens in Ankh-Morpork, immediately northwest of the Isle of Gods. The gardens can be entered by Prouts or Salis Street.


  • There is a high altar of Pishe in the midst of the water rooms and a religious instructor at the top of the treehouse. There is also a Pishe newbie coffer in the room above Tore Kare.
  • There is a shop selling Pishe religious items, as well as various swimming-related things.
  • There are a number of water rooms where you can practice swimming in relative safety (in the one room where it's possible to drown, you can always just head east to escape).
  • There is a pool where you can buy lives northwest of Tore Kare.
  • There is a slide where, after paying respects to Pishe[1], you can get a restore by sliding down it. This takes adventuring.acrobatics.balancing. There is also a diving board where you can dive (requires both hands free) or bomb. These take adventuring.acrobatics.tumbling.
  • Tore Kare will provide parches for a fee.


There is a fee of 1p per guild level for entrance to the temple, which Pishites, adventurers, and ghosts are exempted from.

For this reason, the only way to get into the temple is by walking through the entrance. It's still possible to portal or passage out, however.


  1. by forking over &&&&&&&&&&&+8000 AM$20.00