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A pink crystal ring aka ring of energy, ring of vigour or ring of power, depending on its potency, is an artifact which returns GP to the wearer when used.


The pink crystal ring is used by 'twist'ing it. When the ring is twisted, it will instantly provide them with an amount of GP depending on its subtype:

  • Rings of energy return 50 GP per use, but you need to have 25 magic GP to use them.
  • Rings of vigour return 150 GP per use, but you need to have 50 magic GP to use them.
  • Rings of power return 250 GP per use, but you need to have 75 magic GP to use them.

Note that you need to have some gp left to twist the ring, because it uses some gp which are given back beyond the net gp gain, unless you are a wizard or witch - in which case you can twist the ring even at 0 GP, essentially for "Free".research

Each usage of the ring consumes one magical charge. In order to use the ring successfully the wearer must have a sufficient bonus in magic.items.worn.ringresearch.

The wearer can determine how many charges remain either by having Fabrication Classification Identification cast on the ring, or by zapping it with a thin stick. The former will also identify which of the subtypes the ring is.

Generally speaking, pink crystal rings have been superseded by energy tea these days, which can provide a lot more GP recovery for a lower price. However, they do still have their uses, most notably in direct combat (where drinking tea is impractical).


Pink crystal rings are available from magic stores, and are much more common than their blue brethren. Their cost at the npc shop comprise a fixed base cost and an additional amount for each charge that the ring comes with. This changes for the different types of rings.

The following table gives the parameters that make up the price of pink rings in npc shops.

For example, a ring of energy with 5 charges would cost &&&&&&&&&&+15248 A$38.12 + &&&&&&&&&&&+5000 A$12.50 * 5 = &&&&&&&&&&+40248 A$100.62

Type Base cost Per charge cost
energy &&&&&&&&&&+15248 A$38.12 &&&&&&&&&&&+5000 A$12.50
vigour &&&&&&&&&&+30500 A$76.25 &&&&&&&&&&+10000 A$25
power &&&&&&&&&&+45748 A$114.37 &&&&&&&&&&+15000 A$37.50

Pink crystal rings are sold in the following locations:

Kefka's item database


Pink crystal rings can be recharged by wizards; however, they are fairly dangerous to recharge, especially the higher potency subtypes.

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