Pink Tickle

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Pink Tickle is a type of dianthus ("pink"), albeit a Discworld cultivar favored by the likes of Nanny Ogg. While most pinks are perennial herbs, a few are annual or biennials. Most species have flowers of pale to dark pink. The flowers of dianthus are edible, with uses primary as decorative splashes of color in salads.

The common Pink Tickle, an obscure member of the Dianthus family, loosely resembles a carnation with soft, fluffy leaves.  Native to the highly magical Ramtop mountains, the Pink Tickle glows a faint octarine every Thursday in Grune.

It is not poisonous to eat. However if one does eat it, the result will be a very short bout of hallucinations. The hallucinations are even clean, which is very surprising given who grows it.

Pink Tickle can be found in the following locations: