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The Pharoah's Park Party is scheduled to be held at 1 pm GMT on Saturday June 23rd and to last until 3 pm GMT.

You can check your local start and end times for the event here.

It is being organized and hosted by Qiuyan with the sponsorship of the Djelibeybi Council.

Announcement posts

Here are the documented posts regarding the Meet.

Original announcements

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Morpork Moon Meet
Note #64 by Qiuyan at Thu May 17 20:59:38 2012 [EST] on board frog

I have the privilege of hosting another party on the Disc that's open to everyone! This time the Djelian Council is kindly sponsoring the event. 

Event: The Pharoah's Park Party
Venue: The Pharoah's Park Cafe
Date & time: Saturday, 16 June, 1 pm GMT (link:
Duration of event: 2 hours

- To let people mingle with other mudders in-game
- To fund-raise for a club

Welcome (10-15 min)
Forming of teams (10-15 min)
Treasure hunt (30-45 min)
Pet show (20-30) min
Prize presentation (5-10 min)

There will be door-gifts for all attendees, and of course, everyone with pets are encouraged to dress them up and bring them. We're pet-friendly this time round! 

The club to gain from all of this has not yet been chosen. Suggestions are welcome! The club you nominate should be one which is beneficial to players on the Disc. Send me a mud-mail or tell with your nomination!

Many thanks to the Djelian Council and be sure to set aside this date on your calendar!


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Bulletin Boards: Frog
Pharoah's Park Party -- Postponement
Note #19 by Qiuyan at Fri May 25 23:17:38 2012 [EST] on board frog

Hi everyone, as I will be travelling on the 16th of June, this event has been postponed to the 23rd of June, at the same time! Cya there!