Professor Flambardie's Grim Amulet

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Professor Flambardie's Grim Amulet
Spell information
Nickname pfga
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
Description Creates an amulet that protects when casting demonic spells.
GP cost 200
Mind space 50
Thaums 10
Components silver medallion (consumed), small green crystal (consumed), wand
Tome My Firste Demon-Summoning Booke! By Beatrix Faust

Professor Flambardie's Grim Amulet (abbreviated as PFGA) is a miscellaneous wizard spell which creates the twisted black amulet used in Doctor Kelleflump's Deadly Demon and Kelleflump's Irritating Demon.

Note that the amulet will protect from random damage caused by the summoned demon against the caster but not against the damage from failed spells ([1]).


This spell costs 200 GP to cast, and takes up 50 units of mind space.


Spellcheck results
120 150 180 210 240 270 300 330 360 390 420

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


This spell needs a silver medallion (consumed), a small green crystal (consumed), and a wand.

Casting messages


You weigh the silver medallion in your hand, taking the measure of its form and material, and polish the surface clean and bright with a thought.
You take the Rhokshial's crystal firmly between thumb and forefinger, anointing the tip of your wand with the pure elemental essence of vitriol.
You sketch a series of eldritch runes onto the silver in dark, smoking lines of vitriol.  As you draw, the runes writhe and twist, forming disturbing messages of madness and woe.
You whisper the three hidden names of the darkness, and the seven dread titles of the Lords who lurk in the rugose night beyond the edges of the world we know. One word more forces itself from your throat, the harsh-edged consonants scraping painfully across your palate, and echoes against unseen walls.
There is a sudden gust of chill, dank wind, carrying the moist unpleasant odour of old dead peat bogs and rotting garlic.  You gather it firmly in your hands and twine it around the amulet, which twists and writhes, thrusting out spikes and hooks to catch and hold the demon-haunted air fast.


Your newly formed twisted black amulet glows with power.


The twisted black amulet falls to the floor and stretches, spindles, mutilates itself... rising up on legs with too many joints, dripping green vitriol in its wake, and opening a mouth with far too many teeth in a snarl.
The nightmarish black ooze demon hisses at you.
The nightmarish black ooze demon moves aggressively towards you!

What others see

Wizard weighs a silver medallion in his hand, staring at it intently. 
A shard of pure white light flashes momentarily from the surface. Wizard rubs the tip of his wand on a green crystal as though chalking a billiard cue. 
Wizard draws on the surface of the silver with his eyes squeezed tightly shut, as though unwilling to face the reality of the work.
Wizard whispers something quietly. 
The amulet in Wizard's hands squirms a little, with an odd clicking, scratching noise like black beetles scurrying across broken bone.

Twisted black amulet enchantment level

See the Twisted black amulets page for specific information on the produced amulets themselves, their enchantment levels, and more.


Spell failure will cause one of a variety of demons to appear and still consume components. Some demons are quite dangerous, and all will instantly attack the caster. Given time out of combat, the demon will calm and simply stand around being creepy. These demons are known to be relatively unaffected by fire based attacks but quite vulnerable to lightning.

Demon description and room chats

The amorphous, constantly shifting body is composed of spiky chains, oozy gelatinous masses, spidery limbs with too many joints, and sharply bladed tentacles.  Lurid green rivulets of vitriol run across the messy black surface, and more drips constantly from its sharp, shiny silver teeth.
It is in good shape.
It is standing.
The nightmarish black ooze demon froths at the mouth, the vitriolic foam searing a few holes in the floor.
The nightmarish black ooze demon chitters disturbingly.
The nightmarish black ooze demon snaps its teeth together with a metallic chime.

Learning the spell

As this spell takes up 50 Mindspace, it is one of the harder spells to remember even past guild maxed levels. To increase your chance of successful remembering, you may need to forget a number of other spells first, e.g. an additional 50-100 free Mindspace more than needed (temporarily). Once successfully remembered there is no issue relearning the other spells if you have sufficient Mindspace left.

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