Pepper Pants

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Pepper Pants is a type of chervil, albeit a Discworld cultivar favored by the likes of Nanny Ogg. Chervils are an annual herb related to parsley. Leaves are delicate and feathery; and the white flowers tend to form small umbels. Well, as noted, in any cherval BUT the Pepper Pants. Although there are several traditional medicinal uses, chervil is primarily cultivated as a seasoning herb.

Pepper Pants, or Anthriscus lancri, is a low, twiggy plant with shiny yellowish leaves, a pungent scent and a bitter, very spicy taste.  Its tiny flowers are split in two parts and are usually red, white or plaid.

It is not poisonous to eat. On the other hand, nothing appears to happen if one does eat it. This is very surprising given whom grows it.

Pepper Pants can be found in the following locations: