Parachute harness

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Long Description

This is a chest harness with a canvas container on the back, presumably containing a parachute. A ripcord on the container can be used to deploy the parachute when appropriate.

Appraises As

The parachute harness is about three feet long and about three feet wide. It is made of canvas, silk and leather and looks like you could wear it. It is in excellent condition.

You heft the parachute harness and guess that it weighs about two pounds.

Acquisition & Cost

The parachute harness can be found in the Travelling Shop for &&&&&&&&&&+40000 A$100.00.


Protects from falling damage when misporting to air room or falling off of certain places within the Discworld.

The parachute will automatically deploy if a player falls from certain rooms, provided certain criteria are met: the fall is far enough vertically, there are not obstructions along the way such as rocky walls, and there is a "falling" room between ween where you left and where you land.

One the parachute has deployed, it will need to be "repack"ed before it can be used again. If you don't repack it, the parachute will be dragged behind you when you move and may cause you to trip and fail at moving.