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PK Arena by Kefka map style by Airk

The ruins of an old combat arena was retrofitted to be used again as announced here .

It is located in the Tsortean desert roughly southwest of the Klatchian Foreign Legion camp and roughly south-southeast of the city of Tsort.

To reach it you can go north from Djelibeybi, pass the bridge, then journey west until you arrive at a Collection of small buildings aka the Lower Djel Trading Post then journey west 3 times and go directly north. If you go too far west on the road and reach Ur you missed it, try to journey 5 times east then go directly north.

NPKs can fight in the arena, gaining temporary pk status to do so.[1]

The NPCs there speak Ephebian and the money used is Tsortean money.

If you die in the PK Arena, it resets progress on living achievements and you lose all experience.

Tip: if you have very high skill levels (>300) you can use the skillcap command to limit your skills. (This is true even outside the PK arena but is most likely useful there.)


  • A PK-only Champions' box to watch the fights.
  • Spectator stands for non-PKs.
  • Throw-Myself-To-The-Lions Dublar offers dubious fast foods made from a large variety of animals in the spectator stands.
  • In the arena baths just outside the morgue you can bathe to heal at an accelerated rate, it seems to be between 20 and 40 hitpoints every second heartbeat or so.
  • Scoreboards showing victory statistics.


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