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Olives are the fruit of the olive tree or bush. The evergreen plant is native to drier, Mediterranean climates; and may be found in rocky, poor soil. It is drought-, disease-, and fire-resistant. The fruits are prized for both food and oil, with the tree/shrub able to live more than 2,000 years...yet still produce.

--Ephebe Olive--

This is a small black olive.  Its tasty flesh hides a small inner stone.  Sweet and fruity in flavour with a stronger aftertaste, this olive variety is always an Ephebian favourite.

--Chronides Farmstead--

This is a medium purple-green olive commonly grown in the fields of Ephebe.  It has an exceptionally aromatic flavour and is used both for eating and the making of fine olive oil.

Olives can be found in the following locations:

  • Trees/bushes present throughout Ephebe. Can be "gather"ed in the summer.
  • Several olive trees are found in Chronides Farmstead. One may have to "pick a leaf from the tree" before being able to "pluck an olive from the tree".