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An Oilstone is an object that can be used to repair a weapon up to 99% of its maximum condition.


The oilstone and the oil can used to oil it can be found in Ankh-Morpork smithies and might be found in other smithies later.

The oilstone can be browse appraised as:

The oilstone is priced at A$10 and looks like:
This is a small brick of hard, gritty stone which is traditionally soaked in oil and used to sharpen knives, scissors, axes, swords and similar sharp-edged items.  It should probably be oiled if you want to hone anything with it.
It is in very good condition.
The oilstone is about six inches long and a couple of inches wide.  It is made of stone.  It is in very good condition.

The oilstone weighs 5/9 lb.

An oilstone will become progressively damaged with enough uses. This is in the thousands.

The oil can can be browse appraised as:

The oil can is priced at A$2 and looks like:
This small metal can holds a small amount of oil which can be delivered through a spout.
The oil can is about six inches long and three inches wide.  It is made of brass.

The oil can weighs 5/9 lb.

An oil can will eventually empty with enough uses. (there is no indication of how full a can is)


Hone only works with weapons that have a sharp edge. Hone costs 25 craft GP and a certain level (more than 80?) of crafts.smithing.black.weapons is needed but research is needed on the relationship between skill level, bonus and success.   research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 

The oilstone has to have been oiled recently enough to be able to be used to hone a weapon.

oil {stone|oilstone} with [oil] can

Then you can try to hone it

hone <weapon> {on|with} {stone|oilstone}
You hone your [weapon] on your oilstone.


[weapon] is as sharp as an oilstone can make it.

Failing to hone properly might deal damage.

You try to hone your [weapon], but damage it slightly instead.

When you're really lucky, you might TM crafts.smithing.black.weapons:

You perceive a greater understanding of weaponsmithing.


You receive a flash of intuition in honing weapons.


You feel more adept at maintaining sharp edges.


You are conscious of a new confidence in using oilstones.

External links

Discworld help

The help file does not appear to be available online. It is thus reproduced below.

Oilstones                                     Discworld item help                                    Oilstones

     Oilstones - Keeping Weapons Sharp

     oil {stone|oilstone} with [oil] can               
     hone <weapon> {on|with} {stone|oilstone}           

     An oilstone allows you to hone a sharp edged weapon.  Oilstones need to be oiled before they are         
     used.  You should also be aware that handling sharp weapons with oily hands is a skilled task, and
     mistakes can be painful.  Your skill in weaponsmithing will determine your success or failure.
     Every time you hone a weapon a small amount of metal is removed, so eventually you will have to
     visit a smithy to restore the weapon to its original form.  Additionally, honing can only restore
     the edge to a weapon that is in otherwise good condition.
     You may notice that sometimes you might not be able to fix your weapons in a smithy after you have
     honed it, which seems contradictory to what has been said in this helpfile.  This is because you can
     only fix your weapon in a smithy when it is damaged enough to warrant smithing.  Additionally,
     depending upon your success at smithing, it might be possible to hone a weapon to a sharper edge
     after it has been smithed. 

     > oil stone with can
     You oil your oilstone with your oil can.
     > hone katana on stone
     You hone your katana on your oilstone.