Oiled suede coat

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Oiled suede coat
Armour information
Precise dimensions 6 x 2
Material suede
Weight 5
Thaums/sec 8 stable / 10 talisman / 16 max
Covers abdomen arms back chest legs
Layer(s) cloak
To hit 73.3 %
Base AC
Vs sharp 4 - 7 amazingly poor
Vs pierce 4 - 7 amazingly poor
Vs blunt 8 - 11 pretty poor
AC enchanted up to 50% (8 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 14 - 19 amazingly poor
Vs blunt 20 - 25 pretty poor
Vs pierce 14 - 19 amazingly poor
AC enchanted up to 65% (10 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 17 - 21 amazingly poor
Vs blunt 23 - 28 pretty poor
Vs pierce 17 - 21 amazingly poor
AC enchanted to max (16 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 24 - 30 amazingly poor
Vs blunt 32 - 38 pretty poor
Vs pierce 24 - 30 amazingly poor

Long Description

This long elegant coat would appear to be the perfect item to protect you from the elements, made from soft oiled suede it fits snugly around you and it fastens at the front by several heavy silver buttons. It bears a small Assassins' Guild emblem under the collar. Closer inspection reveals the coat to be discreetly enforced with strips of hard leather, which should offer protection albeit limited from would be attackers. It is lined with black silk.

Appraises As

The oiled suede coat is about six feet long and about two feet wide. It is made of suede and could be worn as armour.


From the Moonlit market.