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This Octathlon was held during February 2023 and organized by Mirodar.


Bulletin Boards: Wizardsguild
Octathlon Time!
Note #3 by Mirodar at Fri Feb 10 21:09:12 2023 on board wizardsguild

Hello My wizardly Friends!  

It is time to celebrate the success of last years endeavors by re-enacting the ritual we performed so well.  

The event shall start with a week of mini-games to get everyone warmed up and in the mood.  

The two parts of the event that are relevant at this stage are the Friendly Contests and the Illusion Contest

1. Friendly contests - Billiards, Darts (magical, Best of three), & Duelling (totally safe, only the demons duel)
During the weekend and the week leading up to the event competitors may challenge anyone from another non-allied order.
Use the boards and/or talker to help find people looking for a challenge.
Be respectful of other peoples wishes.  They may not wish to participate or may not have time to accept your request.
Results should by submitted by mudmail to the judges before the start of the closing party.
Submitting results is the responsibility of the winner and the loser should be included in the mail.
Only 1 result will be recorded for a pair.
1 point will be awarded for a forfeited challenge, 3 points for a played match and 8 points for a win.
Points will be totalled for each order and final points awarded as per Octathlon point structure. 8 points for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd and 1 for every other team.
Last year the lead scorer for this event was a newbie with 0 wins until half way through the week.  It may be worth playing even if you have no chance of winning!

2. Illusion Contest
Use TIG to create an illusion on a theme.  This year's theme is CELEBRATION OF DIVERSITY.
Judges will score out of 10.  Scores will be combined for orders and used to determine the final scoring as per the Octathlon points framework.
Judging criteria are:
 Adherence to theme

Good luck and have fun!

Mystic Mirodar

The event will take place between 10th and 19th February and all times will be server times

Event list
    1.  Billiards & Darts  10th to 17th - Challenge someone and submit your results
    2.  Illusion Contest (TIG)     
    3.  The Quiz      
    4.  Intercontinental Sprint Race    
    5.  Gathering of components for the Main Ritual  
    6.  CTF tournament      
    7.  Magical Duel/brawl     
    8.  Closing Party in L-space

0. General rules.
All helpers will log their participation in case of disputes.

8 points for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd and 1 for every other team.
Points for individuals will be totalled and the totals used to assign points for orders.

Each order may submit up to 2 teams for CTF and Brawl events. This limit is due to timings.
Teams may only be of mixed orders when those orders are allied.
 Teams should be grouped (so maximum of 6 players) with a combined GL below 2000.

Orders may agree to admit that they are inferior and ally with another order.  
This agreement must be submitted to judges in advance of the competition by the senior of all orders involved.
Allied orders are allied for all events.
Hedges are deemed to be allied with their respective order.
Individual hedges may opt out of being allied with the equivalent order before the start of the competition.


Bulletin Boards: Wizardsguild
Octathlon Final Results
Note #14 by Mirodar at Mon Feb 20 16:06:19 2023 on board wizardsguild

There was a slight arithmetic error when I was totalling up at the end of the event which means the final scores are as follow rather than as announced.

1st: Midnight 22
2nd: Last Order and Students, 21 points
4th: Ancient and Truly Original Brothers of the Silver Star, 19 Points
5th: Hoodwinkers, 10 points
6th: Sages of the Unknown Shadow, 6 points
7th: Ancient and Truly Original Sages of the Unbroken Circle, 5 points
8th: Mrs Widgery's Lodgers, 2 points
9th: Venerable council of Seers, 1 point

Midnight had been awarded 5 points instead of 3 and Star had been awarded 8 points instead of 5 because my spreadsheet didn't allow for students at that point.

Individual Prizes:
You say: no, I might hide in here while doing proizes but I'll announce over he talker and then arrange to deliver because I haven't brought them all wit me.
You exclaim: but it would be nice for our sponsors to be able to be present for the prizes so bear with me a little while longer!
You say: (7+1)th place ish Venerrable Council of SHeerrsh with 1 pointsh.
Tuan exclaims with a Morporkian accent: We're on the board!
Tuan cheers enthusiastically.
You say: in 7th place ish Mrrsh. Widgerry'sh Lodgerrsh with 2 pointsh.
You say: 6th place goesh to the Ancient and Trruly Orriginal SHagesh of the Unbrroken Cirrcle with 5 pointsh.
You say: 5th place is Sages of the Unknown Shadow with 6 points.
You say: in 4th place is Hoodwinkers with 10 points.
You exclaim: Damn.  SHorrrry folksh, shhift all thoshe down a shlot!
You exclaim: in joint 3rrd place ish Lasht Orrderr and the shtudentsh with 21 pointsh!
(Wizards) Mirodar wisps: 2nd place is Ancient and Truly Original Brothers of the Silver Star with 22 points.
You say: which meansh that firrsht place thish yearr goesh to the Orrderr of Midnight with 24 pointsh.
Gifted Toffee d'Parranoid gasps in astonishment.
You congratulate Gifted Toffee d'Parranoid.
Magistrate Jeanie cheers enthusiastically.

You say: before I hand out prizes I think it is proper that we once again give thanks to the suppliers of those prizes.  Rauna on behalf of Green Slab, AM council, Quow, Kimp, Mirodar's Magics, Shielders, Jeanie, AM Daily, The Miner's Shelter (Copperhead), Ynnb and Heretics have all donated significant sums to m,ake this a bumber prize pfund of around A$40000*2
You say: first we shall start with the special categories...
Gifted Toffee d'Parranoid exclaims with an Ohulan accent: You were stiff competition Quin!
You say: The games are about getting everyone together to take a break from mindless manslaughter and slaving for the man to have a bit of fun with their comrades.  I have tried to arrange things so that everyone can take part and am really happy to be able to award the first prize to a student.
Magistrate Jeanie listens carefully to you.
You exclaim: Our youngest poiunt scorer this year was Tonee at 2.5 hours old at the time of scoring!
Magistrate Jeanie says with a Lancrastian accent: Impressive! :)
You say: Tone wins A$2500 and their choice of Permalight, lunch sack or Bronze Helm
You say: Sorry, Tonee, not Tone.  Blame the whiskey :P
Magistrate Jeanie grins.
You say: the lunh shack ish a shpecial backpack that allowsh you to keep itemsh frreshh indefinitely ash long ash it ish closhed.  It wash donated by the Minerr'sh SHhelterr, a Playerr SHhop in Copperrhead
You say: I think Tonee just got convinced to take the lunch sack :P
You say: Our second youngest point scorer was Lillfinger at 5 hours old at the time of scoring!  A$2000 and the choice of Bronze helm or permalight
(Wizards) Lillfinger wisps: Thanks, and special thanks to my guide and mentor Urwan, and my wife for not divorcing me for ignoring her this evening (I think) .... I choose permalight :)
You say: the bronze helms were donated by havox and the permalight, a beautiful pendant, was supplied by ynnb
Magistrate Jeanie exclaims with a Lancrastian accent: Goodness, two very young participants there!
Gifted Toffee d'Parranoid nods at Magistrate Jeanie.
Gifted Toffee d'Parranoid feels old.
You ask: at 4 days old Aonghas was our 3rd youngest competitor getting A$1500 and a bronze helm.  Is Aonghas with us today?
(Wizards) Tuan wisps: when Aonghas "Aonghas last logged off 3 days" etc. etc.
You exclaim: ok then moving on!
You say: Participation has been low at some points this year, possibly due to disorganisation on my part, so the next award for most games played is appropriate I think.  With 17 games played Xii sneaks in to grab the prize of A$3000 and a bronze helm
Quin o'rock says with an Uberwaldean accent: he will be chuffed
Xii last logged off 1 day, 19 minutes and 39 seconds ago.
You say: The last special category is, arguably, the most important.  The spirit of the games.  This goes to someone who has focussed less on their own ambitions than on making sure that others had fun.
Magistrate Jeanie listens carefully to you.
Magistrate Jeanie exclaims with a Lancrastian accent: I like that category!
Urwan exclaims to you: I hope Toffee!
You say: Not only hash thish perrshon taken parrt in almosht everry shtage of the event, they put ashide theirr chance forr glorry at the lasht shtage in orrderr to help a newbie take parrt in the gamesh.  I have grreat pleashurre in awarrdin' the SHpirrit of the Gamesh awarrd along with a prrize of A$3000 to Urrwan
(Wizards) Toffee wisps: Woo! Well deserved!
Urwan tells you: I was slow :D
Magistrate Jeanie cheers Urwan!
You say: oh, I have 1 more special category
You exclaim: the wooden spoon!
(Wizards) Ishnugara wisps: And who praytell won this category?
You say: The wooden spoon is traditionally awarded to the lowest scoring player, normally someone who has played but failed to win.  We actually have 3 people tying for this award. Aonghas, weezard and sushi each scored 5 points during the competition.
Magistrate Jeanie says with a Lancrastian accent: Five points doesn't sound too bad.
You say: A$1000 each and a bronze helm for Sushi as the youngest who hasn't already had a prize.
(Wizards) Toffee wisps: Yay, go Sushi!
You say: ok, top scorers in each category...
You say: in the firrsht event, shcorrin' a whoppin' 107 pointsh...ish Quin
(Wizards) Toffee wisps: woo nice one!
Gifted Toffee d'Parranoid congratulates Quin o'rock.
Magistrate Jeanie cheers enthusiastically at Quin o'rock.
Quin o'rock bows mightily to you.
You say: A$3000 ish yourrsh quin
Quin o'rock says with an Uberwaldean accent: thank you
(Wizards) Mirodar wisps: event 2 was the Illusion competition which goes to Urwan for actually being able to cast the spell!
You say: events 3 and 4 were a bit of a washout with no competitiors.  The suggestion was made prior to the event that any left over funds could be used to assist newbies going forward so I suggest that the prizes for those events are put to that use.
You ask: any objectionsh?
(Wizards) Deqlin wisps: nay
(Wizards) Toffee wisps: no objections
Magistrate Jeanie says with a Lancrastian accent: Well, I can't speak for the entire council - but since you spent more than A$10,000 on prizes already, no objections. :)
(Wizards) Urwan wisps: Newbies, please.
You say: event 5 was one of the better ones I thought.  Us lazy wizards seem to like events we can play from our cosy armchairs
Magistrate Jeanie grins.
Gifted Toffee d'Parranoid says with an Ohulan accent: too true
You say: the highest score for a single player in the quiz was Toffee with some really fast responses
Magistrate Jeanie cheers enthusiastically at Gifted Toffee d'Parranoid.
You say: I think he might have been the only playerr to anshwerr one of hish own queshtionsh beforre it wash opened to all
You say: The interrcontinental shprrint wash actually won by a myshterrioush wizarrd wearrin' the colourrsh of no orrderr I have everr sheen beforre.  SHince I can't trrack down thish myshterrioush entrrant the prrize goesh to Quin who shpent agesh attemptin' to complete the courrshe even afterr the myshterrioush wizarrd deparrted
(Wizards) Deqlin wisps: Congrats Urwan!
(Wizards) Tuan wisps: oh wow. We actually had a mysterious entrant wizard!
(Wizards) Urwan wisps: Cheers, Quin!
(Wizards) Ishnugara wisps: Way to go, Quin!
(Wizards) Deqlin wisps: Yay Quin!
Magistrate Jeanie applauds Quin o'rock wholeheartedly.
Gifted Toffee d'Parranoid claps at Quin o'rock wholeheartedly.
(Wizards) Quin wisps that he bowa
You say: shcavengerr hunt and Closhin' parrty rrace both go to Tonee
You say: each of theshe winnerrsh rreceivesh A$3000
(Wizards) Urwan wisps: Wow! :)
(Wizards) Tonee wisps: Wow. I don't know what to say
(Wizards) Tonee wisps: Other than Thank you
(Wizards) Lillfinger wisps that he cheers for all winners
Quin o'rock bows mightily to you.
You say: I hope we have enough whishkey left in the barrrrel.  I can't make morre herre
You say: Which brrin'sh ush on to the final shet of awarrdsh.  Top overrall shcorrerrsh
You say: in 3rrd place with (2^3)4 pointsh ish Toffee
You say: A$5000
(Wizards) Ishnugara wisps: Yay, Toffee!
You say: in 2nd place with 102 points is Xii
You say: A$6000
Quin o'rock cheers xii at Gifted Toffee d'Parranoid.
(Wizards) Ishnugara wisps: Way to go, Xii!
You exclaim: but our competition winner, scoring 131 points and earing an Ankh-Morpork crown, is Quin!
You collapse.
(Wizards) Deqlin wisps that he cheers for Toffee, Xii, and Quin
(Wizards) Urwan wisps that he cheers!
Gifted Toffee d'Parranoid cheers enthusiastically at Quin o'rock.
(Wizards) Toffee wisps: Nice one Quin!
(Wizards) Rilus wisps: Grats! =)
Quin o'rock boggles at the concept.
The world goes black.  You have passed out.
(Wizards) Toffee wisps: Mirodar has passed out, hehe.

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