Octathlon 2022

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The Octathlon will take place between 19th and 27th February and all times below are server times

Event list

    1.  Impball, Bowling, Billiards & Darts			19th to 25th - Challenge someone and submit your results
    2.  Illusion Contest (TIG)					25th 18:00
    3.  The Quiz						26th 09'00
    4.  Intercontinental Sprint Race				26th 13:00
    5.  Gathering of components for the Main Ritual		26th 17:00
    6.  CTF tournament						27th 09:00
    7.  Magical Duel/brawl					27th 18:00
    8.  Crondor's Random Drinking Game & Closing Party		27th 20:00

0. General rules. All helpers will log their participation in case of disputes.

8 points for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd and 1 for every other team. Points for individuals will be totalled and the totals used to assign points for orders.

Each order may submit up to 2 teams for CTF and Brawl events. This limit is due to timings. Teams may only be of mixed orders when those orders are allied.

	Teams should be grouped (so maximum of 6 players) with a combined GL below 2000.

Orders may agree to admit that they are inferior and ally with another order. This agreement must be submitted to judges in advance of the competition by the senior of all orders involved. Allied orders are allied for all events. Hedges are deemed to be allied with their respective order. Individual hedges may opt out of being allied with the equivalent order before the start of the competition.

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