Octathlon 2014

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This Octathlon was held on 10 May 2014 and organized by Camelion.


Octathlon 2014

Date: 10 May 2014

Time: Started at 15:00 BPT, ended 6-7 hours later.


The Procession

The start was outside the Mended Drum, it took some time to get started though. For the parade was filled with runtime errors, religious zealotry and lag. Eventually it was cancelled and the first contest started.

The AIW Contest

Participants: Many wizards and other people who joined in

Winners: 1st Stardust, 2nd Celes, 3rd Narcs

Place: Unseen University's quadrangle

Crondor's Random Drinking Game


Winners: 1st Djimi, 2nd deGrass, 3rd Rosalind. First Person to pass out was Magnus

Place: Unseen University's dining hall

Klein's Contest

Participants: ArbitRage, Narcs, Rosalind, Saiya and Stardust

Winners: 1st Narcs, 2nd Stardust, 3rd Rosalind, 4th Saiya

Place: The Library

The Illusion Contest

Participants: Elorf, Celes, Bartleby, Stardust and Narcs

Winners: 1st Stardust, 2nd Celes, 3rd Narcs and Bartleby, 4th Elorf

Place: Illusionary Institute of Learning

Naturally the performances were grander at the contest. Yet here we try to bring the experience back, without any ado, the Illusions:

Elorf's Phoenix

Elorf Mctak thumps his staff loudly, desperately trying to get attention.
Elorf Mctak pulls out a pipe and spreads mysteriously tobacco over the octogram.
Sparks jump off the tobacco, slowly growing into a towering inferno!
Flames twist and screech, moulding themselves into a bird-like shape.
Gracefully the Phoenix unfolds and looks at the audience with suspicion before making a Humph! sound and soars away towards the sun.

Celes' Red Dragon aka Killer Rabbit

Celes Blow-Pop turns her hat over, and pulls out a white rabbit.
Celes Blow-Pop hugs the white rabbit like a true friend.
Celes Blow-Pop throws the white rabbit high into the air!
Celes Blow-Pop shouts: Big.. lizard.. thing! I summon you to do my bidding!

A winged figure appears on the horizon, racing like the wind, its large shadow sweeping across the land.
You hear a vicious, snapping sound, far above you!

The massive creature banks in the sky directly above you, then soars, silently, out of sight, wind filling its powerful leathery wings.

The white rabbit never comes back down.

Celes Blow-Pop places a frosted cupcake on the ground, then concentrates on it intensely.
Celes Blow-Pop ominously whispers, "Here dragon, dragon.."

The lights in the room flicker, then dim to near total darkness.
A blast of incredible heat and smoke hits you from above!
The ash in the air burns your eyes!

Someone says with a Draconic accent: "You try my patience, wizard."
You hear a deep, rumbling, "Om, nom. nom.."

You wipe your watering eyes as the itchy black smoke clears away.
Your vision returns.

The cupcake on the ground... It's gone!

Celes Blow-Pop blows a metal whistle.

The ground trembles as a large red dragon lands next to you!
The large red dragon turns an angry eye towards Celes Blow-Pop.
Preparing to erupt with flames, the large red dragon stands on its hind legs and draws a DEEP breath!

Celes Blow-Pop throws a white rabbit at the large red dragon and hits!
The white rabbit bites the large red dragon's neck!
Celes Blow-Pop has dealt the death blow to the large red dragon.

Celes Blow-Pop turns over her hat, and the white rabbit hops back in.

Bartleby's Singing Demon

A mass of shadow suddenly comes alive, forming into humanoid shape.
The demon wears the black silk top hat.
The demon begins dancing madly around the room.
The demon sings: Hello my baby! Hello my honey! Hello my ragtime gal!
The demon sings: Send me a kiss by wire, baby my heart's on fire!
The demon sings: If you refuse me, honey you'll lose me,
The demon sings: and you'll be left alone, oh baby,
The demon sings: telephone, and tell me I'm your oooooooooown!

With an awful laugh, the demon slinks back into the shadows.

Stardust's Golden Scarab

Stardust retrieves a handful of golden sand from a pocket and scatters it into the air in front of him.
The sand whirls in the air as Stardust closes his eyes and starts to chant softly.
Suddenly, Stardust swings his staff through the air, causing the sand to billow wildly.

Octarine sparks crackle amongst the sand grains and the cloud coalesces into the form of a giant golden scarab beetle. It hovers in the air, wings beating furiously.
Tendrils of golden energy start to flow from Stardust and the scarab beetle into the air between them, as Stardust throws more sand into the air.

The scarab beats its wings, shaping the sand and mixing it with the growing arcane energy.
The sand and thaumic energy coalesce to form a shimmering image of a beautiful desert kingdom, complete with pyramids and a city on the banks of a river.
After a long moment, Stardust sighs wistfully and makes a final gesture. The image slowly fades, along with the magnificent scarab, leaving nothing but a trace of mundane sand upon the floor.

Narc's Otherworldly Wolf aka Bedtime Story

Greybeard Narcs exclaims with a Genuan accent: A long time ago, this great Wizard you see before you (hush you!) was a foolish student. I ignored the warnings of my superiors and cast spell after spell with no regard to what lurked beyond the walls of this world!
Greybeard Narcs says with a Genuan accent: One night, after a walk around the terrains outside the city. I was summoning up pies, trying to lure the great Geryon for a spot of teaching. However, the lack of mental
preparation and sheer amount of pies required was simply too vast and the barriers defending this land and the next deteriorated. I sensed a creature approaching from behind, felt the end draw near and turned to face it..

Greybeard Narcs pauses for dramatic effect.
Greybeard Narcs exclaims with a Genuan accent: Well! We all know I didn't die so that didn'’t work so well, huh? Anyway! While the creature came through the void, this was no dungeon demon. What stood before me was..Amarok!

Narcs crouches low to the ground, pawing at the dirt.
Narcs slashes his wrists and lets out a spine-chilling howl as blood pours from his wounds and falls to the ground.
Snarls and growls come from Narcs, possibly some ancient language?
Smoke tendrils begin to drift from the blood pooled on the ground.
You blink and when your eyes reopen, an impressive wolf is standing by Narcs' side.
Greybeard Narcs greets the wolf, resting a hand on his massive head.

Greybeard Narcs says with a Genuan accent: Somehow, I was able to understand him and he explained how he had wandered the dungeon dimensions for a long time, searching for freedom from that hell. He had no memory of how he came to be there but knew he did not belong.
Greybeard Narcs says with a Genuan accent: His form was already deteriorating as he was being dragged back through to the Dungeon Dimensions. He pleaded that I tether him to this world and not let him go back. He promised to travel on my journeys and protect me from those who would harm me.

Greybeard Narcs says with a Genuan accent: While I didn't know the actions required to do this, Amarok was able to explain and anchored his spirit to a charm.
Greybeard Narcs flashes a glowing red pendant on a chain from under his robe.
Greybeard Narcs exclaims with a Genuan accent: Since that day, we have travelled the Disc from Rim to Rim and all around, both growing in skills and power. I'’m glad you could all meet Amarok, he has been so excited for today. He keeps saying that belief is key, he needs people to believe, I'’m not sure about all of that but it was great fun talking to you all!
Greybeard Narcs waves, heads into the crowd and bids Amarok to follow.

A booming voice fills your head: I am Amarok! Your lands will eventually wither and I will still be here, basking in the magic of your world!
Where previously sat the wolf, now stands some being with far too many legs, and eyes covering a large portion of it's body!
Amarok yells: I am Amarok and all shall fall!
No, wait, the wolf is over there..must have just imagined that. Cute wolf,
Amarok is a nice name..

The Quiz

Team Knob: Eza, Celes, DeGrasse, Taido and Stardust
Points: 10 (mostly Stardust)

Team Custard: Rosalind, Djimi, Dalziel, Elorf and Ricochet
Points: 6

Team Scroll Changes: Saiya (replaced by ArbitRage), Deramius, Ascdren and Narcs
Points: 1

Winners: 1st Team Knob, 2nd Team Custard

Place: Unseen University's dining hall

Truly Original Game of Running Around and Bringing Back Evidence

Team Fire Bunny: Ascdren, Stardust, Narcs, Saiya, Ricochet and Nuoun
Points: ?

Team Thaum: Eza, Taido, ArbitRage, Celes, Deramius and Bartleby
Points: ?


Place: Bes Pelargic L-space Bubble

Closing Ceremony

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