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Occult paraphernalia are magic items (often jewellery) which help a witch create a magic circle.

The more occult paraphernalia a witch has, the lower a bonus in magic.spells.special she needs in order to circle, which will advise which are missing if the witch does not possess enough such items. The amount of paraphernalia required is dependent on the witch's magic.spells.special bonus - the higher the bonus, the less paraphernalia is required.

At a bonus of 280 of this skill, a witch needs only her witches hat; at a bonus of 300+, she needs no paraphernalia at all.


Occult paraphernalia can be purchased from:


The following is a list of items recognised as occult paraphernalia:

Item Occultness Weight
Any witches hat. 10 Varies
A white handled ceremonial bronze knife
A black handled ceremonial bronze knife
21 1 8/9
A dark red candle (will be lit and partially consumed) Unknown, >42 1/9
A mummified bat 12 3/9
A silver grail 21, but only if you have a mummified bat 1 - 1 1/9
An occult gold ring
An occult silver ring
An occult bronze ring
An occult cat earring
An occult snake earring
1 1/9
An occult gold medallion
An occult skull brooch
An occult silver medallion
An occult bronze medallion
An occult raven necklace
An occult bat brooch
5 5/9

The hat and jewellery must be worn, but the knives, candles, grail and bat can be carried or placed in a component pouch.

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