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The obsecrate command is restricted to High Priests.

It can change the deity pool settings, get information on who is draining or contributing to the pool the most and on specific players' deity point usage., and alter what rituals the flock can use from rods (and whether worshippers of other deities can use faith rods created by members of the flock).

You can get rough details on the current setup with the Devout Inquisition ritual.

Settings that high priests can change with obsecrate:

  • Reduce ritual costs - up to 30% of ritual costs can be set to be shouldered by the deity point pool.
  • Increase ritual costs by taking tithes - rituals can be made to cost 30% more than usual, with some of the surplus being put back in the deity point pool. This is a more efficient way of converting gp to dp than praying.
  • Make rituals easier and better - self-explanatory really, this can chew up a large amount of dp, as it drains dp much more quickly than the "reduce ritual costs" setting. The highest setting, "ten" percent, actually drains one deity point per one gp spent.
  • Declare a ritual profane - prevents priests and followers of the same religion from using that ritual from faith rods. While it's possible to declare a ritual naturally granted by your deity profane, it doesn't affect performing the ritual without a faith rod. This is visible when meditating upon obsecration.
  • Ban a ritual from another religion - prevents priests and followers of a specific deity from being able to use the specified ritual from faith rods made by priests of your religion. For example, banning Hattites from using Pishite-created Stasis rods.
  • Declare rituals of another deity unholy - prevents priests and followers of your religion from using any faith rods created by priests of a specific deity. This is visible when meditating upon obsecration.

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