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Obi Wan Kimono makes custom kimono on Silver Dragon Lane in Bes Pelargic.

Ordering a Kimono

To design a custom kimono, you must first "order kimono" and then "list" options. You can "quit" or "cancel" at any time. Note that you do not need to speak Agatean to order a kimono, as long as you know what options you want as you will not be able to understand Obi.


The first choice is colour.

Obi Wan Kimono says to you: I have lots of bolts of fabric in stock right now. You list them or tell me which colour you want, OK? I wait for you to answer now.
You ask for a list of the available colours.
Obi Wan Kimono asks you: I have purple, magenta, plum, indigo, lavender, violet, lilac, pink, pale pink, rose, lurid pink, fleshy pink, dusty rose, bright pink, navy, crimson, pink, tangerine, green, emerald green, bright green, sea green, leaf green, vermilion, forest green, jade, pale green, peridot, blue, azure, ice blue, pale blue, sapphire blue, navy blue, royal blue, turquoise, cyan, orange, sunset orange, burnt orange, golden orange, mandarin orange, creamy peach, red, maroon, ruby red, blood red, bright red, dark red, shiny yellow, yellow, bright yellow, sunny yellow, canary yellow, pale yellow, brown, dark brown, light brown, mud brown, russet, topaz, white, iridescent white, ivory, cream, black, jet black, midnight black, grey, beige, light tan, gold, silver and bronze in stock. Which shade would you like?


The next category is materials.

Obi Wan Kimono asks you: Now you choose what sort of material you want kimono to be made out of. Again, you list them if you want to see what I got available, OK?
You ask for a list of the available materials.
Obi Wan Kimono asks you: I have silk, velvet, cotton, silk crepe, silk damask, silk lame, satin, heavy satin damask, light cotton, heavy cotton, wool, linen, lamb's wool, fine wool, coarse wool and light linen in stock. Which bolt you want?


Obi Wan Kimono says to you: Alright, now you have some options. You want your kimono to have some lining on the inside like I did for Lord Sung? I got a list if you want to see what's available.
You ask for a list of the available linings.
Obi Wan Kimono asks you: I have red silk lining, pale yellow silk lining, navy blue silk lining, white silk lining, black silk lining, orange silk lining, purple silk lining, indigo silk lining, green silk lining, cream silk lining, gold silk lining, silver silk lining, grey silk lining, bronze silk lining, navy silk lining, crimson silk lining, pink silk lining, lilac silk lining, lavender silk lining, beige silk lining, brown silk lining, violet silk lining, vermilion silk lining, turquoise silk lining, cyan silk lining, magenta silk lining, maroon silk lining, pale blue silk lining, pale green silk lining, peach silk lining and ivory silk lining. You want your kimono to have lining?

Say "no" if you would not like any lining; otherwise specify the type of lining you want.


Obi Wan Kimono asks you: Ok. Next option is whether or not you want me to decorate your kimono. I have several methods I can use to decorate it. Do you want me to decorate it or not?
You ask for a list of the available decorations.
Obi Wan Kimono asks you: I have several methods that I can use for decorating kimono. I can dye it with pattern, hand paint, or stencil on a design. You like a design or not?
You ask for a list of the available decorations.
Obi Wan Kimono says to you: I have misty mountain range, willow tree, maple leaf, auriental landscape, rising sun, golden dragon, monarch butterfly, snake, green chameleon, sunset, string of roses, little blue flower, twisted vines of ivy, bluebird, duckling, string of bluebells, tiny white and blue blossom, indigo-coloured iris, marsh reeds, marsh rushes, cherry blossom bouquet, orange blossom bouquet, apple blossom bouquet, plum blossom bouquet, chrysanthemum chain, misty stream, babbling brook, black cherry blossom chain, string of red tulips, leaping tiger, moon and star and falling leaves dye patterns.
Obi Wan Kimono says to you: Or, I can paint a flying hawk, a swooping falcon, a cluster of butterflies, a lone crane, a lone heron, a bamboo forest, a misty cloud, an autumn leaf, crashing waves, a golden phoenix, a single pine tree, a string of red blossoms, a lone ginkgo tree, a floral pattern, a pelican, a monkey, four fighting dragons, a den of snakes, a patch of little blue flowers, a few twisting vines of ivy, a flock of bluebirds, a gaggle of ducklings, a string of bluebells, tiny white and blue blossoms, a rash of indigo-coloured irises, a cluster of reeds in a marsh, a cluster of rushes in a marsh, a bouquet of cherry blossoms, a bouquet of orange blossoms, a bouquet of apple blossoms, a bouquet of plum blossoms, a chain of chrysanthemums, a misty stream, a babbling brook, a chain of black cherry blossoms, a string of red tulips, a misty mountain range, a deep valley, a stormy sea, a misty waterfall and a bunny design on your kimono.
Obi Wan Kimono asks you: I have agatean symbol, pair of fighting dragons, school of goldfish, tiny blue blossom, geometric design, agatean symbol for love, agatean symbol for peace, agatean symbol for war, agatean symbol for friendship, agatean symbol for luck and cross-hatched stripe available as well. Which type of decoration you want? Dye, painting or stencil?

Again, say "no" or designate the type. The next question will be about the specific design, if any.


Obi Wan Kimono asks you: You like any embroidery on your kimono?
You ask for a list of the embroidery locations.
Obi Wan Kimono asks you: I can sew patterns on the following locations: around the wrist cuffs, around the collar, around the hem, on the skirt, around the waistband, on the back and on the lining. Which location you want?

Special Occasion

Obi Wan Kimono says to you: Ok, there just one more thing I need to ask. If kimono is for special occasion, I've been known to be quite the crafty chappy when it come to making special kimonos. You can list types of occasions I can cater to if you want. If not, you can just say no.
Obi Wan Kimono says: You must learn the ways of the tailor if you are to come with me to HungHung.
The kimono on one of the racks against the west wall shift oddly, as though some sort of breeze was moving them.
You ask for a list of occasion types to which the kimono dude can cater.
Obi Wan Kimono says to you: I can make kimonos for the following occasions: formal, wedding, ceremonial, birthday, mourning, party and casual. If you want one of these, say which, otherwise say no.

He will then show you the kimono and tell you how much it costs, at which point you can decide to order it or not order it.

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