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Ninja Guild map by Aell maintained by Kefka
A map of the 1st Floor by Sulvor.
A map of the 2nd Floor by Sulvor.

The Ninja are an assassin guild found in Bes Pelargic. The guild house is located in the northeast corner of Bes Pelargic, at the intersection of Chestnut Path and Silk Lane.

The Ninja Guild is off limits for non-assassins apart from the entrance and the public contracts room. Intruders are heavily dealt with by the guard ninja.


You can join at the entrance of the guild where Nokanko resides by typing join.

You will be given a brown belt signifying your rank that can be used as a scabbard and is part of the Ninja Belts & Headbands as well as a pamphlet with details of the Ninja guild.

Once joined, ninjas are regarded as genin or of the First Rank and can not vote in elections or inhume.

Guild Structure

The guild is headed by the Sensei, a ninja who has been elected by the other ninja to head the organisation. Ninja must be over 25 days old and have passed the Ru Noperi to be eligible. The Sensei is charged with creating the rules that all ninja must obey and punishing those ninja that fail to do so. He or she also has the means to protect ninja from outside threats by placing vendetta contracts on individuals who target ninja. The Sensei can appoint Karuma who are ninja capable of closing these contracts.

There are two ninja mentors - a female mentor and a male mentor. Mentors are appointed by the Sensei and have the task of helping the Sensei and assisting ninja and punishing rule breakers when the Sensei is away.

The Avatar of the Ninja is appointed by the Sensei. The Avatar should embody everything a ninja should be. He or she is both a gentle guide and a disciplinarian. The Avatar may shame ninja who do not behave appropriately and forgive those who have made amends.

The Poet Laureate is the official poet for the ninja. He or she is appointed by the Sensei and is given the duties of writing poetry for official events and approving other ninja's poetry for inclusion in the library.

To vote or second a candidate a ninja must have passed the Chunin test and must be over 5 days old. To call for a vote of no confidence a ninja must have passed the Chunin test and be over ten days old.

Guild Leaders

Guild Admin
Sensei Ayoda
Male Mentor (vacant)
Female Mentor (vacant)
Avatar Mariko
Poet Laureate Dashi

Previous Sensei of the Ninja

Shinobi 2 October 2004
Alatariel 25 May 2005
Liquid 26 July 2005
Alatariel 7 April 2006
Hotaru 16 October 2008
Nezz 19 June 2009
Kawakisan 16 November 2009
Kanashimi 17 September 2012
Dewar 19 February 2013
Kawakisan 24 August 2013
Kwik 22 October 2013
Hotaru 3 March 2015
Tariki 24 June 2015
Kawakisan 17 January 2016
Dreadknott 11 March 2017
Anjin 29 November 2017
Kwik 21 June 2021
Ayoda 14 March 2022

The Way of the Ninja

The Way of the Ninja is the set of rules which the Ninja, and visitors to the Guild, should abide by:

Many Paths We Walk
Only Your Own Path Is Right
Way of the Ninja

    The Way of the Ninja is a path to attain enlightenment in your daily tasks and duties.
    The Ninja is responsible for protecting and upholding the honour of the guild. 
    Be respectful to all other people inside and outside of the guild. 
    Theft and the murder of guild staff and members inside guild grounds 
    is perilous and offenders will not be safe within the walls of the Empire.

    Inhumation of guild members or associates on guild grounds is allowed
    and benevolent sparring in the guild dojo is fully endorsed.

    The Ninja is bound to every other Ninja in the guild.  To kill, steal from, 
    or betray your comrades is to bring shame upon the Ninja. Ninjas have a duty
    to carry out the task of enlightenment humbly and professionally.

    Any kind of arrangements with the soon to be enlightened and the contents
    of the contract scroll are to be treated confidentially. 

    As the Ninja seek The Way, they may expect the following from those 
    they meet along their path; Contracted targets are expected to defend themselves, 
    but harassment for attempted or successful inhumes will not be tolerated. 

    The Ninja respects the inhumed and shall not take their belongings.

    Friendly PK is sanctioned, as long as it does not affect the honour of the guild
    or the Ninja involved.

    The Ninja bears the right to sell any item sold or created in the guild to outsiders. 
    Ninja Belts and Headbands may not be sold for profit, but can be gifted to honour
    sponsors of the Dead Poets Society.

    Foreign colleagues are welcome to use our facilities and pursue the contracts
    on our scroll, provided they respect our guild and our fellow Ninja.
    Any monies gained from the successful closing of said contracts are welcomed
    as a donation to the guild Dead Poets Society.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    There are many paths to be taken in pursuit of The Way. It is the duty 
    of the Sensei, Mentors, Avatar, and your fellow ninja to shed shadow upon 
    your path and to guide you back should you fall astray. 
    This is The Way of the enlightened Ninja.

Authorised by:
Osa Ayoda Minamoto
Thirteenth Sensei of the Ninja

Particularities of the Ninja

The Ninja is the assassin guild native to Agatea.

The guild provide an honourable way to end the life of enemies throughout Agatea.

Under the guidance of the sensei, ninjas are expected to become masters of Agatean culture and arts and to uphold the Way of the Ninja in their endeavours.

For more information about the Ninja you can consult A Guide to the Ninja of Agatea in the entrance of the ninja library.

Ninjas progress from genin to chunin and then to jounin after passing the test for each stage.

Advancing skills

Master Yung trains ninja after they have completed a chore.

He wanders the guild but can usually be found in the storeroom, the relaxation area, the dojo, the pottery room, the restaurant and the garden.

The next location he chooses is random and you can not follow him (unless he specifies a direction he is moving) to find him but have to search the guild each time he strolls out of the room.

Master Yung

To advance your skills as a ninja you must visit Master Yung. He will require you to do a small chore before you can advance.


  • Tools for chores are found in the storeroom southwest of the restaurant.
  • There are tools on the shelves and in the box, just have to look at each and take it from the box or the shelves
  • Remember to return the tools as well


Note: the lounge is the same room as the relaxation area where Sec Li resides

As well, if you are not sure which room you should do the chore in, ask the ninja channel or hold the tool and type syntax <action> in each room you think it could be to check

Below are examples of chores and the steps needed to do them:

  • Planting seeds
    • Go to storeroom
    • Get the seed packet from the shelf and the wooden hoe from the box
    • Move to the productive garden
    • Hold the wooden hoe and type prepare soil
    • Take seeds from packet and type plant seeds
    • Return equipment to storeroom
  • Sweep library floor
    • Get broom from box in storeroom
    • Move upstairs to the library
    • Hold broom and type sweep floor
    • You only need to sweep one room and return broom
  • Dust table at entrance
    • Get duster from storeroom
    • Move to entrance, hold duster and dust table
    • Return duster
  • Weed the secluded garden
    • Get the wooden hoe from the box in the storeroom
    • Head to the secluded garden, hold hoe and then type weed garden
    • Return hoe to storeroom
  • Water bonsai in corridor
    • Take watering can from shelf in storeroom
    • Move to the productive garden and fill can from well
    • Move to the corridor, hold can and water bonsai
    • Return can to storeroom
  • Feed fish in pond
    • Go to the productive garden
    • dig for worms
    • take worms
    • Go to the pond
    • feed fish

Master Yung also teaches commands if you ask him politely to teach you.

You can ask Master Yung to 'use your animal title' or 'remove your animal title' to change your guild title. Master Yung will also grant the titles Genin, Chunin and Jounin.

Master Yung also helps ninja who need to restore their honour, by witnessing their seppuku.

Newly joined ninja can only train primary skills up to level 50.

Chunin Test

If you are ready, Master Yung will mention that you are ready to take the Chunin Test after you have advanced:

Master Yung whispers to you: You are now of the level to join the ranks of
     chunin.  If you feel ready to inhume, say so and I will examine you.

If you have failed the test, you need to wait for about 1 to 2 minutes before being able to take it again.

Once a ninja has passed the Chunin test, they can train primary skills up to level 175.

  • Being proficient in the skills needed to inhume is necessary before being allowed to take the test.
    • This is usually when you have advanced your primary skills to the max of what an Genin can advance
  • To become a chunin, a genin must tell Master Yung that he or she is ready to inhume
  • Master Yung will test your knowledge on the ninja guild and inhumation by asking 5 timed questions:
    • He will ask about the names of ninja staff involved in the inhumation process
    • He will ask details about any of the contractable NPCs
  • The Chunin test is not deadly.
  • Completing the Chunin test will allow you to inhume NPCs and Agatean family-issued contracts on NPCs.
  • This will not force you to become a player killer.
  • Master Yung will notify the Ninjas talker channel that you have become a Chunin and you can set your title as Chunin as well

Ru Noperi

In order to graduate from the guild and train primary skills up to level 300 you need to pass the Ru Noperi.


Usually you have to say teach me please in the same room as Master Yung and do a chore if you have not done one already.

These commands are exclusive to assassins and are taught by Master Yung:

* These commands are also shared with the Thieves' Guild.

Master Yung also teaches:

Master Yung also teaches commands to other assassins. Teachers in other Assassin Guilds may also teach commands to ninjas.


Every Specialisation grants some specials items as certificates. For the Ninja these special certificates come in the form of Ninja Belts & Headbands. The belt also doubles as a Katana/Wakizashi/Ninjato/Dao scabbard.

They can be bought from Wun Hair Bun in front of the library upstairs in the Ninja guild.


Like all assassin guilds, a unique list of NPC contracts can be placed and viewed here. NPC contracts can be closed four times by anyone with the inhume command. After eight months or so the closed NPC contracts then again become available to be closed another four times.

Ninja who have passed the Chunin Test are able to close Agatean family inhumation contracts as well.

Longname Cost Shortname
Truckle the Uncivil &&&&&&&&&+336000 700Rh truckle
Stavic Longbeard &&&&&&&&&&+32000 66Rh 80s stavic
Fivespoon &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 15Rh fivespoon
Wun Good Cuppa &&&&&&&&&+432000 900Rh cuppa
Serene Roses &&&&&&&&&&+43200 90Rh roses
Laggy-san &&&&&&&&&&+60000 125Rh laggy-san
Disembowel-Meself-Honourably Dibhala &&&&&&&&&&+11976 24Rh 114s dibhala
Kodattai &&&&&&&&&&+24000 50Rh kodattai


Ninja's can ask Master Yung to get a pre-title and to change their post-title to an animal title or remove their animal title.

Guild Titles
Pre-Title Acquisition Post-Title (non animal-title)
Genin Pre-Chunin test of the first rank
Chunin Chunin test, before the Ru Noperi test of the second rank
Jounin Ru Noperi test of the third rank
Chojin Completing the tea ceremony
Karuma Guild enforcer
Osa Sensei and Mentors
Animal Titles
Level Title
0 - 24 Novice Ninja
25 - 49 Young Grasshopper
50 - 74 Green Grasshopper
75 - 99 Agile Grasshopper
100 - 124 Cautious Turtle
125 - 149 Determined Turtle
150 - 174 Enduring Turtle
175 - 199 Coiled Serpent
200 - 224 Striking Serpent
225 - 249 Hidden Serpent
250 - 274 Flying Crane
275 - 299 Graceful Crane
300 - 324 Dancing Crane
325 - 349 Prowling Tiger
350 - 374 Wild Tiger
375 - 399 Silent Tiger
400 - 424 Noble Dragon
425 - 449 Fierce Dragon
450 - 474 Wise Dragon
475 - Quantum Butterfly


These are the primary skills for the Ninja Guild:

The Guildhouse

The Ninja Guildhouse provides several service rooms and shops, a garden and a few rooms designated for training skills. Like most guildhouses it features extra rooms for the leaders of the guild, a communal chest and a voting room. Like other Assassins guildhouses it also features its own library and might have one or more non obvious rooms. Ninja can also practise their rope climbing skills around the guild and climb the roof, although having enough balancing skill and hitpoints is recommended.

The available service rooms include:

  • A Pottery & Kiln Room
  • A Poison Lab
  • A Hospital
    • Can fix broken legs or heal you for a payment
    • If you have broken your leg, say fix my broken legs please and Pretty Fast Heel will take 5 rhinus payment

There are four shops located in the first Level of the Dojo:

  • A Clothing & Equipment Shop
  • A Weapons Shop
    • This can be entered through the gap of the Clothing shop, type squeeze into gap if you see a panda painting
    • Note that items like kunai are both singular and plural, thus buying kunai will buy all available kunai, remember to specify!
  • A Crafts shop
  • A Restaurant

Newbie Chest

The ninja guild has a communal chest located in the dormitory upstairs that acts as a newbie chest.

It is "hidden" in the room description so you have to type look chest when in the room to see it.

The chest is small and can only take in items smaller or equal to a size of a wakizashi.

Training Rooms

As well the guildhouse also includes four practise rooms:

The Dojo

The Dojo within the Ninjas guildhouse has 3 dummies for TMing thrown and fired weapons (first dummy), sword combat (second dummy) and unarmed striking (third dummy).

  • Practising on the unarmed dummy with low skills can give a broken leg (<140 bonus).
    • You can use the commands kick dummy or strike dummy to use the dummy
    • Make sure you are not holding anything as you need to be unarmed to use the dummy
    • It is recommended to use the strike dummy command as you can still end up breaking your leg by kicking if you have above 140 skill bonus
  • It also features a balancing beam where one can TM acrobatics.
    • You can use it by typing balance on beam
  • Further it includes a weapon rack filled with two bokkens to give Ninjas a chance to spar against each other.
  • To use the sword combat dummy, you have to type slice second dummy with sword.
    • If your sword bonus is low, the sword will hit the wall and drop to the ground. You will need to pick it back up.

The Furniture Room

The Furniture Room gives Ninja the opportunity to play hide & seek to TM their hiding skills.

The hiding practice work best with multiple players, one hiding and one seeking using the command seek

The furniture one can hide with include:

  • a chair
  • the futon
  • the bookcase
  • a large stuffed tiger
  • the life-sized chess piece
  • a vase
  • a table
  • a pot
  • a screen
  • a mirror

To hide, you would use

  • hide {behind|under} <furniture>
  • and then type unhide

of if playing hide and seek with another player:

  • hide from <living> {behind|under} <furniture>

As well, sneaking atop different furniture items can TM sneaking skills.

To practice sneaking, type:

  • use furniture

The Basket Room and Dodging

The Ninja guildhouse possess a mechanical machine to TM one's dodging skill.

When cranking the handle of the machine spiked baskets will start moving and hit those failing to dodge.

The command for starting the training is:

train at the {beginner|intermediate|expert} level

You will need fighting gp to use this machine.

Training is not a passive thing, one will have to manually try to dodge, reading the text about an incoming basket and choosing to dodge {right|left|low}.

After having chosen how to dodge, there seems to be a further skillcheck  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. .

Not choosing in time to dodge or failing to dodge will get the character hurt.

  • Dealing around 100hp upward for beginner level
  • Dealing around 200hp upward for intermediate level

Be advised not to try to use the baskets with connectivity problems, as the character will also get hurt when you have lost your connection. Wimpy setting will still work though and might spare you a death, it is advised to set wimpy to 30% by typing wimpy 30.

Tea Room and Tea Ceremony

The Ninja guild features a Tea Room in the north-eastern room of the first level.

  • To enter it one needs to crawl.
  • Within this room one can practice the Tea Ceremony.
  • The room also contains an explanation how to perform the ceremony.

The Library

The library consists of three rooms:

  • The entrance
    • In the entrance you can find the book 'A guide to the Ninja of Agatea' and an old research diary.
  • The main library
    • In the main library are various books both made supplied by the guild and players filled with poems related to the ninjas.
  • The Laureate office.
    • Ninjas and other assassins can submit poems in the Laureate office, where the Laureate can bind those into books for the main library.
    • In the office you can view paintings to find motivation for new poems.

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