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Newspapers are published periodically by the editors of the respective newspapers. Many of the commands mentioned in this article can only be performed in certain rooms in the MUD, like the editors' or employees' room in a newspaper office, and only when employed as an editor by an in-game newspaper.


Editors get to use basic html tags to make articles more interesting.

<b> - bold
<code> - print in mono-spaced fonts, like on the MUD
<i>  - italics
<pre> - print in mono-spaced fonts, like on the MUD. The difference between <code> and <pre> seems to be that <pre> includes a line break, but <code> prints on the same line. 

Remember to close tags. (Example: </b> after the text in bold.)

Other tags can be found in Room help: newspaper office. Editors can also change the colour of certain articles -- see "syntax change".

Locking articles after typesetting and editing

Locking articles ensures that no one else can change their content.

See: "syntax lock"

Creating, deleting and ordering sections

Articles can be published under one or more section headers. For creating sections, see "syntax submit".

For deleting sections, type "articles", find the number assigned to the section you want to delete, then see "syntax delete".

Arranging sections in order is more easily done via the Newspaper Editing link on the MUD website. Click the + or - sign to the left of the section names in order to move them up or down.

The colour of sections can be changed -- see "syntax change".

Selecting articles

In order to send only certain articles for publishing, editors should postpone or delete articles they do not want published this edition.

See: "syntax delete", "syntax postpone"

Ordering selected articles

Arranging articles in order can be easily done from the Newspaper Editing link on the MUD website. Click the + or - sign to the left of the article name in order to move it up or down.


In order to see how much money there is to be paid out, use the command "profit".

Also see: "syntax pay"


See: "syntax publish"

As publishing is currently a sensitive process with unknown idiosyncrasies, it is recommended that publishing editors stay put in the publishing room until the entire process is over.

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