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Nathan makes custom lingerie in his shop on Artorollo Alley, a bit west of Least Gate in Ankh-Morpork. You can start the ordering process using 'say order'.



This seems to be a purely descriptive option, not affecting your other choices. The options are:

formal              professional        sexy                tarty
functional          romantic            sleazy              


These are the types of lingerie available:

bloomers        camisole        garter          panties         teddy
body suit       catsuit         garter belt     push-up bra     thong
boxer shorts    chemise         knickers        slip            tights
bra             corset          negligee        stockings       underwear
briefs          g-string        nightie         suspender belt  


These are the types of fabric Nathan can use:

brocade         dupioni         habutai         mesh            silk
charmeuse       fishnet         lace            noil            spider silk
chiffon         four-ply        latex           organza         taffeta
cotton          gauze           leather         rubber          velvet
damask silk     gossamer silk   leopard fur     satin    


These are the available colours:

Genuan bleen              deep pink                 olive green
Genuan blue               deep red                  pale blue
apple white               ebony                     pale green
azure                     ecru                      pale orange
black                     eggshell blue             pale white
blood red                 flamingo pink             pale yellow
brazen seamstress red     flesh coloured            peach
bright blue               forest green              pink
bright green              fuchsia                   puce
bright orange             gold                      pure white
bright pink               honey yellow              purple
bright red                hot pink                  raven black
bright yellow             indigo                    rose red
bronze                    ivory                     royal blue
bubblegum pink            ivy green                 scarlet
burgundy                  jade                      sea green
buttercup yellow          jade green                sepia
cerulean                  lavender                  sienna
chartreuse                lemon yellow              silver
chestnut brown            light blue                skin coloured
cobalt blue               light green               sky-blue
copper                    lilac                     slate grey
cream                     marbled white             terracotta
dark blue                 maroon                    turquoise
dark green                midnight black            twilight
dark orange               mint green                violet
dark red                  moonlight                 white
deep blue                 navy blue                 wine red
deep green                ochre                     
deep orange               off-white                 


These are the available styles:

Auriental           cute                majestic            skintight
Fishite             dark                masculine           sleek
Gappic              deep                medium              small
Genuan              demure              military            soft
Gufnorkian          elegant             neatly tailored     sporty
Hattian             feathery            overpowering        starched
Klatchian           feminine            oversized           stiff
Lancrastrian        flowing             pale                stylish
Pishite             fluffy              priest's            suave
Sekkite             formal              puffy               thick
Uberwaldean         guard's             revealing           thief's
adventurer's        hunter's            ruffled             thin
assassin's          impressive          saucy               tight
big                 innocent            sensible            understated
bright              iridescent          sexy                virginal
classy              lacy                shadowy             warrior's
colourful           large               sheer               weapon master's
comfortable         long                shimmering          witch's
crinkled            loose-fitting       shiny               wizard's
crinkly             low-cut             short               
crotchless          magical             simple              


You can get pockets, or not. This option is only available for some items. If you choose pockets, it seems that they will always hold 12 items and 1 1/9 pounds.


You can choose to get various types of trim, or none at all:

Llamedosian knot    floral              none                sequinned
braid               flower-pattern      pearl               silk
broderie anglaise   fluffy              rainbow             swirly
cord                jewel               ribbon              taffeta
embroidered         lace                rose-pattern        tassel
feathered           marabou feather     satin               


Bras and push-up bras include a variety of optional fasteners (or none). Boxer shorts also have fasteners which are fine buttons running down the front.

badger       bronze       gold         large        satin        small
black steel  colourful    iron         medium       silk         steel
bone         frog         ivory        silver       womble


There are also various types of decoration. Like trim, they are optional.

bronze buckles  frills          leaves          sapphires       steel chains
diamante        glitter         metal studs     sequins         stylish tears
diamonds        gold buckles    none            silver buckles  tassels
emeralds        gold chains     pearls          silver chains   
flowers         lace            rubies          steel buckles   


The short description is "a <colour> <fabric> <type>" or "a pair of <colour> <fabric> <type>". The long description varies slghtly depending on whether you have trim, decoration, or both.

With no trim or decoration:

Expertly cut from the finest <colour> <fabric>, this <style> <occasion> <type> is a work of beauty and will fit like a glove.  The garment is elegant in its simplicity, ideal for someone wanting a pure look.

With trim only:

Expertly cut from the <colour> <fabric>, this <style> <occasion> <type> is a work of beauty and will fit like a glove.  A finely stitched <trim> trim runs around the edges.

With decoration only:

Expertly cut from the finest <colour> <fabric>, this <style> <occasion> <type> is a work of beauty and will fit like a glove.  The garment is adorned with judiciously applied <decoration>.

With trim and decoration:

Expertly cut from the finest <colour> <fabric>, this <style> <occasion> <type> is a work of beauty and will fit like a glove.  A finely stitched <trim> trim runs around the edges and the garment is adorned with judiciously applied <decoration>.

Weight and Temperature

The weight and temperature of an item depends on its type and fabric. See Clothing with pockets for exact details.