Naefela of Gufnork

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Naefela of Gufnork is a npc priestess of the priesthood of Gufnork.


Large grey eyes peer at you from a face that is almost concealed by a
wealth of fluffy black hair.  Small and thin, Naefela seems almost too fragile
to contain the evangelistic zeal for Gufnork that she feels.  She seems to have
an almost obscene love of fluff and seeks to constantly share her love with the
population of the Disc.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
She is covered in a thick layer of fluff.
Wearing : a pair of fluffy pink boots, a fluffy pink towel, a small satchel, a
          fluffy silver necklace and a holy amulet.
Carrying: a speckled grey staff.


Ankh-Morpork, she is usually at the Temple of Gufnork on the Street of Small Gods

Looting possibilities

Things to Note

  • Attacking Naefela will trigger the God Squad to come in to protect her and they will attack you, proceed with caution
  • Killing Naefela will affect your alignment and make you more evil
  • Naefela will summon balls of fluff and either give them to you or throw them at you, this can be used for many things, see fluff.