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You can mount certain objects on a mounting plaque for display on walls in player houses.


To mount an item on a plaque and unmount it:

mount <item> on plaque
unmount <item> from plaque 

There is no skillcheck for mounting and unmounting objects on the plaques.

To place the plaque on a wall in a player house:

place plaque so that it is hanging from the <direction> wall 

Objects can be mounted and unmounted from the plaque after it has been placed on the wall.

Objects that can be mounted on plaques

Most objects can be mounted on the plaque.

Objects that can be mounted include pickled body parts, writing implements, guano, maps and clothes with no pockets in them.

Objects that cannot be mounted include clothes with pockets, containers, and pets that are still alive.

Unpickled body parts mounted on plaques rot away as usual, but do not disappear. They reach the state of being unrecognisable remains and remain in that state.

l plaque
A wooden escutcheon with a pair of hooks that are capable of holding  just about anything to put it on the wall.
On the plaque is mounted the head of a tall man.
l head on plaque
This is the almost unrecognisable remains of head severed from the corpse of a tall man.